stopping by to say what's up

Discussion in 'General' started by just blaze, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. yo what up guys, ain't been on in a while, my computer broke and i've had some shit going on in my life.

    and i just found out today i have viral meningitis and need a spinal tap tommorrow, pretty shitty. on a brighter note i got a bunch of free painkillers, so i've been pretty straight the past couple days.

    but due to my current illness i wasn't able to pick up a bunch of tabs today and i won't be able to tommorrow, and i don't think they'll be around too much longer... bummer
  2. Havent seen ya around in awhile man.
  3. must suck, but hey atleast it'll be cleared up sooner or later, wont have to live with it forever, right?

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