Stopping bloody nose over phone?

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    This has been in my family for years. If you had a bloody noose you could call my great aunt and she could get it to stop over the phone. Only one person is suppose to know the secret on how to do it at a time. It was passed to her by my great great grandmother. Your suppose to pass the secret on before you die. She's dead now and still to this day I can't figure it out. I don't know who in the family she passed the secret to but has anyone ever heard of this before. How does this work? Is it some kind of witchcraft? lol. None of the family has ever been able to figure it out.
  2. She could also clear a wart by just touching it. Shits weird and I know it all sounds unvelievable but it's been done in my family line for years.
  3. Pics / proof please oh and sounds cool
  4. Nose bleeds eventually stop, within several minutes subject to variables in our coagulation factor. I would be willing to be this is a prime example of post hoc ergo proper hoc, which literally mean "after this; therefore because of this", which assumes a correlation as a causal factor.

    Any chance this could explain it, OP?
  5. I would say it has been passed to your mother or an aunt.
  6. man if only she could give hand jobs over the phone shed be making bank

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