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Stop That SMELL!!!!

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by BioloGyMaJor, May 8, 2008.

  1. okay guys, after reading about mordgrow's disaster, getting caught by smell. lets talk about smell..

    Submit pictures of your current "air filtration system" or submit diagrams you designed for a successfull grow room set-up

    try to be as specific and in detail as possible when explaining your superior way to filter the stinky air.

    it will make for a good study so a situation that happend to mordgrow wont happen to us!

    Lets seee those ideas!
  2. I agree.
    I would like to say that the "ozium time mist" is a good investment. Get the citrus ozium and place it outside of the grow near the exhaust, set it to mist every 15 mins. If you use this along with a carbon filter you should not run into problems with smell. Over do it on the carbon filter, it WILL be your BEST defense, but the "timed ozium mist" is a great backup. You dont need to buy the expensive mister, the walmart special "Glade or Airwick" or similar brand will do, you only need to buy the high priced ozium cans, don't substitute with the walmart FOOFOO smellly shit. 1 ozium can lasts about a month. I used to use one of these outside of a bedroom grow, and it was worth every penny.

    I am about to do a sealed grow, but will still use my mister on manual , spray once before i enter my room, spray once when I exit. Should last me about 3 months or more per can.

    I do have a great filter design I will share later. Gotta run.
  3. im going to take the liberty of doing the research.

    in a few days i will post a full post with cost and everything.

    Time to hit the design board, and do some homework!!

    i will try to include the cost of everything to give a good ballpark figure.

    has anyone ever tried ether oil to kill smell?
  4. The KEY is having a Carbon filter for your exhaust air. You have to make sure that no other air is being forced out of the room, only thru the carbon filter.
  5. i over killed the shit outta my room. Can Max 10"-1000cfm hooked up to the can 150 carbon filter for a 90 cubic foot room.. HAHAA its good to be safe than sorry. it exhausts the room over 11 times per minute.:D

  6. Holy shit purps. I thought i hit mine hard. That filter is 5 ft high and 17" diameter. Im sure you know this but i would run that fan at like 25% to increase the effectiveness of the smell removal. And to keep the room from imploding...lol.

    How much you pay for fan and filter like 700 bones?
  7. i agree.. anything besides a carbon filter (or an ozone generator i guess) is just masking smells. To completely remove the odors you need a properly sized filter/fan combo.

    here's what ive been rolling with and it's worked like a charm.

    pro filter50 / 6" vortex fan 465 cfm



  8. Sorry it's not a pic of it all set up and everything, but here's what I've been using, CAN Filter 50 w/ the recommended 6" Hight Output CAN Fan. I can do whatever I want in the room as far as smoking goes and it stays nice and clear of smoke with NO smell whatsoever.

  9. That is such a sweet setup AW! Verynice!

    Please let me know how the DieselRyder goes, I just got those beans.
  10. hahha ya full metal it is a pretty brutal set up. i run it on a dimmer on the lowest setting but still pulls a hell of a lot of air :D The set up was about 600 bucks. Got the fan off ebay. BTW-the can fan max is a great fan. Efficient and quiet
  11. im going to try and make my own while im trying to get one on e-bay
    any feedback on those ones?

    anyone have any kind of formula to find out the thickness of the carbon layer and the filter dimentions itself for the existing fan speed?

    its very easy to make one if u get the right power/thickness ratio
    otherways it wont work

    the air have to be in contact with carbon for 0.1 seconds
    thats the trick^^^
  12. screwdababylon - First nice cabinet you got there just saw you thread for the first time. I would not recommend building your own carbon filter. Obviously smell is important and i feel spending a little bit of money here would be warranted. I have tried my own twice and have had not had success. I will always buy them from now on.

    I cant speak to those filters you linked to. But if it were me i would maybe consider a proven manufacturer.

    If you do build your own, dont use carbon from the pet-store, order some good stuff. Make sure you pack the carbon tight by vibrating the filter when adding the carbon.

    Best of luck...

    Oh and i don't know of a formula but if you had a formula the quality or adsobtion of the carbon would an included variable. I bet carbon from the fish store is 5 times less effective than carbon used by canfilter for example.
  13. i totally agree with fullmetal.

    smell is the #1 thing that can get you busted.. i know i'd be kicking myself if i were sitting in jail for not spending that $200.
    Trust me a lawyer costs a lot more than a carbon filter.
  14. tnx man
    i know how to make it the problem is - i want to make it good
    and it wont work without some maths the thickness of the carbon layer is important
    if yours if working good - i guess ure really lucky to make a proper one without few failures.
  15. thanks man)
    yeah i know its important and i would go and buy one if i lived in US
    but i dont have any of those here and all the local growers use self made carbon filters
    thats some kind of a challenge for me))) like wtf! if thay can do i can do it too!

    those sellers i mentioned do ship to my country
    and others dont - thats the problem
    if anyone can recomend me a store based in europe that would be cool!!!!!
    becouse shipping of the cfilter and carbon across the ocean is a bit expensive

    but this difference is not so dramatic as u say
    even the dude who sell the filters told me that
    he said that this difference will reduce its life lenght but not the odor filtration

    thanks for the tips mate!
    but i will continue attempts to make one)
  16. shure august
    im not argueing with all u people

    but its all about the proper way of making one by hands

    its like bying DWCs and COOLTUBES for the first time
    since u saw it working u can easyly make one yourself
    its not a rocket sciense - ill do some expiriments soon and post em here
    and continue the search of a good place to order one

    by the way ive joined the club of a bud growers recently!!!!!!!!
    check it!
  17. please anyone with a good carbon scrubler !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    post all u can about it
    i need the inner and outer radius of the filter can
    its length, the thickness of a carbon layer, and total wieght
    also please post your cab dimentions

    if we get a bunch of those here it will be easy to compare and find out the truth
    about those mysterious peaces of alien tecknology))))

    (my cab is 40inch wide x 22 deep x 80 tall)
    my fan is 300 CFM

    man im flooding this one... sorry
    im out
  18. Check out ICMag. Go to the grower's forum and check out the DIY section. I think it's buried in the room design. There are a few DIY scrubbers there. Have you checked those out? One of them has a formula for length to CFM ratio.

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