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Stop that...I said...STOP THAT NOW!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bUdMoNkEy, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. ...i'm 'supposed' to be workin to finish a job on a tight deadline....but instead i'm on GC...just got a bollockin from my stressed out colleague too...hee hee...what 'should' you be doin now instead of moochin the City?...
  2. I'm running intrusion scans on our Network now. And also playing around with the beta version of the new Microsoft OS.

    It's easy to be on the City for me since I'm tied to a computer one way or another all day by trade. :D

  3. Aren't you SPECIAL?????? :)

    I have a million things to do right now! DAMN YOU, GRASSCITY!!!!! :p Heh...who cares about things on the TO DO list when you have the City and you're stoned? NOT MOI!!!!

  4. Now that you point it out, yes I am a special boy, lol. :D
  5. im really very buisy cleaning my house doing the laundry dishes stuff like that (at least thats what i say i do all day)...
  6. Hey...scroll up and look at budmonkey's avatar. That's a crazy looking monkey!!!!!! :p
  7. well..either im superfucking stoned (which i am)...or he doesnt have an av at all right now.
  8. It's to wet to work for me.. So i'm waking up the city with my presence.....

    I may be most of the day tommorrow as well!!!!!!

    the ice cream man still has his lunch tho.

  10. Nice to see ya around during the day BH!! :wave:
  11. It's like the monkey from 28 Days Later...kind of....all red-eyed and freaky!

    LMAO!!!! Bud Head "It's to wet to work for me"......that cracks me up!!!!! Too wet, huh? LOL! :p

  12. Yep... I slip a little too much when wet and muddy... Yes I said muddy!~

    It's nice to be around during the day Indy...
  13. im here because of the wet weather too:S
  14. I'm supposed to be working on my school powerpoint about Industrial Hemp, it has to be like 40 somthing slides long, and I can say GC is research :D


    Something in this might help you. Try the old Popular Mechanics Article maybe. LOL! I'm helping with research! That's my excuse!
  16. and im currently involved in deep studies with its sister plant.

  17. It reminded me of the great stone sculpture of the Wasili tribe in the jungles of Africa. When I saw the statue for the first time, it was nighttime. I was intrigued by the reddish light emanating from the eyes, yet I couldn't bring myself to interfere with the tribe's nightly ritual, of which the stone monkey head was the focal point. When I investigated the sculpture the following morning, I found the ash from the previous night's red-hot coals which had been placed in the eye sockets to give that glowing effect. Quite amazing for the primitive culture that they are.

    bUdMoNkEy, you're not part Wasili, are you?

    I ask that question when I should actually be reviewing potential text books for a summer curriculum. I blame the ganja.

  18. nice!

    thanks, that will help a lot. Wow, my powerpoint is gonna be sweet, i even have little hemp leaves for my bullets :)
  19. sama as sposed to b doing housework while the babys asleep...

    (chikkybabe sighs as eyeballs fall out of her head)

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