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Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Jaygrass, May 29, 2013.

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  1. Every time I come on the advanced growing techniques section, there are more questions asked by rookies than actually ADVANCED GROWING TECHNIQUES!! Anyone else feel the same? Lol. Go to the BEGINNERS SECTION!
  2. I second the motion.

    Seriously we have germination question threads and "well on my first grow I got this result" posts .......

    WTF? Am I gonna be forced to post on gypsies site to find my equals(and risk deletions and MOD edits again)? Cause GC is turning into a 420 Romper Room.
  3. Great someone else that feels the same way I do. I 3rd the motion

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  4. as a sorta beginner who comes here to creep on posts and learn from the masters, i fourth the motion
  5. Thanks for the support. I am in no way trying to be a dick but I, as well as many others of all skill levels, come to this section to learn ADVANCED GROWING TECHNIQUES. But yet every time I come on, its a bunch of threads started by growers on their first grow. Please do yourself as well as us others a favor so we all can learn instead of reading beginner questions.
  6. I loved reading your first rant while envisioning Kenny powers say it to some kids
  7. Hey its getting hot outside will my plants be ok????????????????????
  8. Say you stated above . " Others of ALL SKILL Levels " , come to this section to learn. " Beginners " are included in ALL SKILL LEVELS , you better rephrase that to leave out beginners !!! :rolleyes:
  9. Hey just do what a " Beginner " like me does , I get a long extension cord and a portable air conditioner and set it where it blows on the plants !!! :laughing:
  10. Motion 5thed..Noobs need to use the search bar in the forum. Or go to the proper area and post there..All the answers are out there i assure you! Research before you start asking. No one will help you if you wont help yourself. Dont be lazy.
  11. If everyone agrees it must be true. I'm not saying beginners can't come to read, but they should not be making threads!!!

    By the way BABYBUD, JUSTTHILLBILLY was being sarcastic and is very well known around here. Go read up for a couple years.
  12. Hey so was i so lay off people, They need to learn if you dont want to help them dont read their post.....
    I like this post.
    OK, I'll make you a deal.  Every night if I have time I'll go through this section and move threads accordingly.
    The rest of you read hillbilly's post I quoted.  Remember this is a free site.  We volunteer our time here.  Everybody has a right to share info, and learn.  You don't like what you see, please report it, and/or move on.  
    Trust me I've been here 6 years, people will never post in the right section most the time.  Sad fact of life.
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