Stonygurl and the new TV

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by Big Poppa Puff, Nov 1, 2001.

  1. Stonygurl went to the store to by a new TV.
    The salesman said sorry we don't sell TV's to blondes.

    So she came back the next day and sked a different salesman how much the TV's went for. He also said sorry we don't sell TV's to blondes.

    So the next day she put on a disguise, wig, different clothes and went back to the store. A salesman came up to her and asked her if he could help her. She pointed to a display and asked how much is that TV? The salesman answered I'm sorry we don't sell TV's to blondes.

    She asked him how he knew she was a blonde because she had her hid in a wig. The salesman replied because you are pointing at a microwave.

    "Sorry Stony, just a good blonde joke needs to be shared with the crowd."
  2. What do blondes and cowpies have in common...???

    The older they are, the easier they are to pick up!

    Still one of my faves.

    I won't tell whether that's true or not ;)!
  3. I live in the country and am married to a 39 yr old blonde. You don't have to tell me whether its true or not.
  4. I am married to a 36 year old BLOND and it may not be true for Stony but it IS TRUE for my wife.

    Big Poppa Puff hwo are you doing these days?? Momma and the kids?

    Keep up the good work!
  5. BudHead all is fine on the home front! Momma had her birthday a couple of weeks ago and she got a new pipe and a guitar. She was very happy with her presents. The two little ones are doing fine at school. My son is about to finish the fall soccor league so my Saturday mornings will now be spent cutting firewood and building fences for my future herd of goats. My little girl is doing great in her first year of kindergarten and is excited about going to school everyday. She wakes up at 6:00 every Sat and Sun.and finds me to ask if she can go to school. I just hope her enthusiasm lasts another 12 years.

    I'm glad fall has finally come and I don't have to cut 8 acres of grass every week to ten days. I've fiinshed up all my honey-do projects for the wife and just want to enjoy this autumn for what its worth before winter comes. I know she will have me installing crown, chair, and shoe moulding in the house this winter and then probably hanging wallpaper, so I'd better enjoy my spare time.

    I'm going to by me a dozen goats this winter to clean up some overgrown fence rows this winter. I need to build a simple shelter and run an electric fence around the fence row and then turn them in. The goats will go in and eat all the saplings, briars, and bamboo cane. That should ave me a lot of work in clearing that up.

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