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Stoney Buds

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, Apr 21, 2003.


How many Toking buddies do you have? (not inc online tokas) gotta have toked wit them

  1. I'm the only one i know of.

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  2. Just me and my bro/homie/best pal/etc.

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  3. 2-5 tokers from my friends or family.

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  4. 6-15 tokers from my friends or family.

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  5. 16-42 tokers from my friends or family.

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  6. 43-420 tokers through out my various groups.

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  7. 421-1000 tokers from across the globe.

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  8. More than 1000. I've been aroun the circut for a while... a true seasoned vetran. Even Howard

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  9. I've never toked in my life... infact i dont even know what toking means so i certainly never in

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  10. Just me and Ashley Judd

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  1. Not a poll about buds, but actually about buddies.

    how many buddies you got in your various social circles?

    im asking this because for me to do this i'd have to work out a hell of a lot of things, and it only just recently occurred to me that throughout all my friends, including the ones ive temporarily lost contact with, i must have well over 100 'stoner'* pals (and thats not including the blades)!

    *ranging from casual once in a while toker to full on pot head 24/7 chongster.
  2. i've got at least 100 friends who smoke... probably burned with about half of 'em. good friends, good people. :)
  3. pretty much all of my friends smoke, i only have one or two friends that dont smoke but they are still around it 24/7 they just choice not to partake.......its funny cause weed is actually the way i make most my friends, like ill get a new job or somethin and i dont really know anyone until one day someone asks me or i ask someone 'you blaze ??' next thing you know where hangin out every weekend.
  4. 5 stoner buddies that I toke up with. One guy may be getting ready to quit though. :(
  5. with recent estimates suggesting that 21% of the UK population repeatedly smoke cannabis it's hardly supprising that so many of the peeps i know do.

    (i really beleive it gotta b much higher than 21%)

    hey blix, i know what thats like.... three of my friends (each i have considered my best friend at times) have all quit smoking - one wants to start again tho :)

    its only a bad thing if they stop hanging wit u.

    but it did seem really weird having the tomster not toke anymore when we were having a huge session.
  6. I picked 16-42 cus I havent really ever counted all my stoner friends..... but their is about 30-35 of them for sure....
  7. oops i voted 16-42, i meant the next one down. i havent smoked with any family members yet, but i bet ill be smokin with my sister in a few years. me (her brother) AND her dad both toke up, so ya..
  8. the guy i get my stash from. thats the only person i smoke with.
  9. bout 16-42..
    I smoke with the world baby :)

    Man, cant wait to toke kind of on a break
    not cause tolerance
    but cause im broke! :(
    but guess I needed it anyway :p
  10. i picked the highest one, why u ask?

    i toured with the dead for many years before botany school and frankly would be as hi as about 40,000 others at show after show after show...if i can count them all friends :)
  11. sure... i'd count them as friends :D

  12. that must have been one hell of an expiriance.....

    hell, me too..... unless they were those 'sketchy' hippies.....
  13. I picked 42-420 cause i know about 200 people that smoke and blazed with like 150 of them i have me and my best friend josh. We are always together no mattered what smoking. and we go from people to people shit sometimes ill smoke with 25 different people a day.
  14. 6-15 and 2 of em are here in the city

    i am sure more than 21% smoka da weed, maybe thats the number that DONT, if it is its still toooo high :)
  15. I voted for 43-420 tokers through out my various groups. I jus smoke wid so many different stoners and i hook em up wida smoke and when i'mdry they'll hook me up so neva a day passes without gettin HIGH So i can FLY instead ov bein DRY
  16. UK Toker math...

    21% of 60million (aprx population - might be a dozen mil away.. im not sure) is 12,600,000 ...

    and the amount of just 'soapbar'* that it has been estimated (same since early 90s so this figure is inaccurate at best) at 20 tonnes per week consumed.

    this alone equates to 0.0015873 Kilos per week per person. uhh... so thats... uhh.... 1.5 grams per week... that sounds beleivable..... however.... this doesn not account for all the homegrown, the amsterdamn import and all the other shit we get from around the globe.... im sure that it must be at least the same weight again (20tns) of all this other stuff... and i bet that since the figures are sketchy at best.... it still could be more (could be less but i doubt it)

    sorry everyone for bringing in a little math class to the city.


    *low grade morocan (usually morocan anyway)... probably still the most common form of hash sold in the british isles.
  17. yeah, but froggy... how many of them do u actually know?
  18. well there are about 8 people to a group... and i am connected to alot of groups, bout 3 maybe 4... so i toke with alot of my hommies lol
  19. I mostly do it alone-well my husband is usually here but he stopped doing it. I guess it makes him anxious/nervous-not me. I did it last weekend with a friend but all my other friends live where I used to live and since I moved that is the end of that. I think I'm gonna meet that guy that I met here though because he is looking for someone to get stoned with. I hope I hook up with him soon because I am running low!

  20. i fixed it for ya :D

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