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  1. picked up the new hightimes and theres an ad for stones diffusion, little glass stones you put in your bong that help diffuse the smoke. just wondering if anybody has or does use them and what theyre like?

    oh and the ad and their website are extremely eye catching:D
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    They work GREAT.
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    Lol from the second I entered that website, I had a new desktop background.
    Edit: these do look sick tho, I need to get me some of these...if I cant find any marbles laying around lol

  4. dude i have that issue lol got the 2 chicks with their asses hangin out. caught my attention too.
  5. same here lol. i was like what could he mean and then clicked the link. best background ever. chicks and glass...these are a few of my favorite things.
  6. Hot chicks go to Florida State :)

    Stones are awesome, I have them in my little straight shooter and it hits smoother than my double perc.

    It will bring your shittiest pipe up a few tiers.

    They are much heavier than stones, and will break your downstems and possibly even chip your pipes...I can prove it first hand. :(

    I stick to the real deal now
  7. i used the small glass marbles i had around the house. they work fine. chec kout the sig.
  8. Stones are the shit! I have used marbles before, but they just arent the same. The tips on their website are some pretty cool things you wouldnt think of. I also saw something about the size being specific. Bottom line, they are awesome. and the girls arent bad either. haha.
  9. I have used both the Roor ones and Stones diffusion. The roor ones are too small and bounce around when taking a rip, i know people that have broken downstems and pipes. It seems like the stones have more thought put into the design. Better size and better diffusion. I guess when thats the only thing the company makes, they have to know a thing or two about it.

  10. Dude hot chicks are everywhere beauty is common here in FL, finding one that isn't a dumb bitch is the key.
  11. cant wait til this fall, gonna save up for a sick bong and get some of the stones, your comments and those girls sold me on them (mostly the girls:D)
  12. i broke my diffuser off my stem a few days ago, but it broke perfectly straight so its still usable. i put a bunch of small aquarium rocks in there and it works amazingly, im pretty sure its smoother than with the actual diffuser

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  13. you shouldn't put rocks in your pipe. Rocks a) promote algae growth and b) add unwanted toxins to your smoke. You spent all this money on a pipe and shit to smoke, why not respect your investment and get the real thing. Stones are the shit.
  14. Fish tank rocks?
    Do they have fish turds in there?


  15. I thought marbles/aquarium rocks worked amazingly too. Had them in my pipe (marbles) for about a month. I just recently bought some Stones, and they are sweet. The Stones work even better than the marbles did! I dont know if its cause they are a different weight or a specific size, but they get you high as fuck making it easy to take in big hits.
  16. how is the clear? is there a noticeable drag with or without the stones?
  17. Clears easier than without them.
    It's effortless
  18. There isn't any extra drag with the stones in the pipe. The stones break up the bubbles to such a tiny size that they almost look like carbonated water. It creates such a smooth pull. There is no extra drag at all, and the Stones makes it easy to clear those nice thick milky white rips:bongin:.

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