Stoners who HATE cigarettes

Discussion in 'General' started by emdyeks, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. I hate cig's, always have. I can't stand the smell or anything about them. Cigars are cool, cloves are cool, bidis are cool, but stuff like marlboro's are terrible, I hate em! How ironic though is it that a "smoker" hates cigarrettes w/ a passion?
  2. im the same way bro, though i lost my grandma due to lung cancer because my grandpa smoked around her for 30 years, so i guess my reasonings are different. They are gross though.
  3. I likewise fucking despise cigarettes. I don't allow people to smoke them in my apartment despite frequent attepmts to do so, an if I catch them doing it, they're out. I hate the taste, I hate the smell, I just can't stand the things. The other day I picked up a friend who needed a ride home from work, and we stopped next to the river to spark a few joints. What I didn't know, however, was that his "joints" only had tobacco in them. Made my car fucking reek, and because I had already let out a few big puffs of pot smoke, I noticed the other smell too late. God, I hate those things.
  4. I hate cigs =[
    I always bumm them anyway though.
    Gotta kick that nasty little habit.
  5. cigs suck! my mom smokes them and yet since i was 16 ive been convinciing her to take a hit of my stuff n she wont!

    never smoked a cig, never will.
  6. I hate ciggies. Pretty much my whole family smokes. It's depressing to think about how many of them are gonna end up dead because of it :(
  7. I hate the ciggs, not the smokers. Thats my view on it, I don't care if people smoke, as long as they know the risks involved. In fact thats how I feel about people using any kind of drug.
  8. i dont like little fucker 15 year olds smoking cigs to look badass
  9. +rep if I can, homie. I JUST quit smoking cigs, 2 days ago. Things are going good, but all this bootcamp shit is making me wanna smoke a cig here and there. I'm probally gonna pick up a pack tomorrow morning, actually.

    I used to smoke. Either Djarum blacks, Newport 100's, or a nice, fine cigar. I'm happy I quit, honestly. And fuck that, I'm not buying a pack tomorrow. I gotta quit for bootcamp anyway.
  10. Ugh...I know...I always ask them why they started, haven't heard a reason that wasn't a reworded "I wanna look cool" yet...
  11. Same here man. Couldn't agree more.
  12. word, but all natural tobbacco in spliffs are very nice
  13. the only thing i smoke is a black and mild like once in a blue moon and i only finish half i cant finish the whole thing cause its so nasty
  14. I love cigarettes. Whenever I'm high I'm capable of convincing myself not to smoke 'em though. But whenever I'm drunk.. sometimes it seems they're just appearing in my mouth through some mystical force.

    Although I only started them when I started rolling more. And that was well after I was a stoner, a burgeoning alcoholic, and had already rolled previously and done coke. :(

    I kinda did things out of order I guess. viva la revolucion!
  15. ugh someone reason after i quit smoking like 2 years ago whenever i try to smoke a cig now half way thru the nicotine fucking kills me and i cant even finish one of i feel sick.

    im a pussy now with cigs what the fuck haha

    i dont like them anyways. makes my cum taste nasty for the ladies you know..
  16. ciggarettes are fuckin nasty, but a nice cigar every now and then is great... nothing feels better then leaning back with your feet up smokin a nice cigar... except doing the same thing with a blunt, lol.
  17. i haaaaate cigarettes. i smoke cigars tho
  18. Try out Black N Mild Fast Breaks..there half of a black and mild..and only 49 cents.

    Used to smoke, havent in 6months and really glad I did.
  19. I smoked cigs for over 15 years and quit after my father died 2 yrs ago.I have grown to loath cigs now.Sometimes if im in a room and someone is smoking it literally makes my throat feel like its swelling and i cant breath.I have to leave.I try really hard not to be the "Reformed smoker" who constantly bitches, but its getting harder.Seeing how most smokers could give less of a fuck about other ppl and light up where ever they feel like.Even when i smoked i tried to be polite around others.Nowadays tho if youi ask someone to not smoke they act like you are discriminating on them.:(I tell ppl that once they quit they will understand how noxious it is.
  20. comming from someone who just graduated high school last june i think its terrible the # of kids who smoke cigs like its the cool thing to do i hate them they smell they make you smell and honestly i wont even kiss my gf fro awhile after she smokes one cause they make your breath stink like i understand my grandpa smoked till he died but he also started like 70 yrs ago when everyone did and they knew nothing about effects of it kids that are starting now have been told plenty of times and shown proof by family members dying that its not good for you at all yet they start and think they are badass for it wtf

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