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Stoners that love to hacky sack! Come share your records!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CSYZERO, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Whats your record (self or group) and were you high? Are you better high? Ive gotten 32 by myself... not to impressive or anything ha, but share your records!
  2. Tied for World Record of Least hacks ever (0) I missed the serve:(
  3. Back in my day we kicked rocks.:cool:
  4. I can alternate between both feet all day without missing if I wanted, I don't really do that anymore though, just practice tricks.
  5. Hacky Sack is the stoner sport
    Plain and simple lol

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  6. Took a break from GC for about 3 months. Come back, and your post count went up 4,000 :confused:
  7. Dude I hacky sack all the time with my boys. Me my friend Dylan and Jason are nasty at it. We used to do like 12 hit kills. The most I've done it was 57 times in a row.
  8. Hacky sack was meant for fun!

    Hate when people take it seriously.

    In high school we played for 'arms', meaning you drop it and you get punched by everyone playing
  9. I haven't hacked since like 01 was and wondering the other day if kids still do it..keep that shit alive
  10. I practice every now and then. :)
  11. I used to play for hours baked as hell with my friends, and while the number of hits we did wasn't that impressive (was okay, better than most other people I've seen play at school), it's the quality that counted. Incredible high kicks, blind behind the back, roundhouse kicks, you name it.. shit was hilarious and mindblowing
  12. All day! Errrr day!!!

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