Stoners In The Mist: The Most Bizarre Anti-Drug Campaign Ever

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Superjoint, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. Entertaining, I must say. But very inaccurate. More bullshit propaganda. Well, they got some shit right, but being stupid and lazy is fucken awesome.
  2. What an awful mistake in causation.

    People who are lazy are generally that way in the first place and the weed is merely an expression of that laziness.. such as myself.

    I never realized I was a specimen being studied and possibly hunted. :eek:
  3. Jesus christ, you can't tell me they're actually serious....I don't even know how to respond to that. But, I did play the game they had on the site and I did the quiz. I kicked some ass.
  4. Holy fucking shit, I can't even remember the last time I have been this incredibly fucking pissed off. I am simply stunned at the kind of idiocy I am subjected to simply because of my preferred method of intoxication. I find it appalling that someone can get hopelessly drunk and still be regarded as an upstanding member of society, but you so much as mention that you know someone that smokes grass, and all of a sudden you are a criminal and a pariah.

    I am willing to bet obscene amounts of money that the second marijuana is legalized in North America (with the possible exception of Canada, what with our somewhat lax pot laws) that 90% of the people formerly opposed to it would suddenly regard it as a perfectly acceptable and social commodity, because if the government says it's good, then by all that is holy, it's good. It's just another testament to the near-absolute and somewhat frightening control the government has over the opinions of the common citizen.

    One of my theories is that they actually realized they were completely wrong, but they are so full of themselves that they can't admit it, so they continue attempting to vainly lie through their teeth and label anyone who opposes their ideas as "dangerous" and "unpatriotic" or some such slanderous garbage simply because they can't get their way. Another of my theories revolves around the idea that the government lacks the mental capabilities to realize the difference between something being the most widely-used drug and the most dangerous drug, so they forbid research into any of its proven benefits and focus solely on the negative effects, of which there far less than positve ones. I doubt they even try anymore, and just toss out any evidence that it's actually not something sent here by the devil to corrupt children and call it "whimsical."

    And then, when they can't have their way and get everyone to stop smoking/selling/growing or whatever, they throw a temper tantrum like a four-year-old who can't convince his mother to take him to the park and start destroying things, namely, the truth. "Marijuana funds terrorism?" Not likely, unless you bought it from Osama, and even then, he was probably just trying to dump some schwag on the first person he came across. "Marijuana promotes criminal activity?" Apart from buying, growing, selling or smoking it, no, no it most certainly does not. Does anyone else feel like going out and stealing cars and burning down churches after puffing a joint? No way in hell. Not once have I felt a violent urge while high. In fact, I get quite the opposite reaction, and feel calm and relaxed. "Marijuana causes unplanned pregancies?" So, you're trying to tell me that if you smoke pot, it makes you pregnant? Damn, they weren't even trying with that one. "Marijuana makes you have suicidal thoughts?" Now they're just making it up as they go along. The closest thing I EVER had to a suicidal thought while high was when I was playing San Andreas and decided to take on the cops, FBI and military with a six star wanted level and less than full health and armour, and that's about the most suicidal thing you can do in that game. "Marijuana makes you lazy?" Yeah, try telling THAT to a guy that plays hockey and basketball, rides a bike over 20km almost every day, manages a Future Shop and volunteers for Meals on Wheels on the weekends.

    They are fighting a losing battle, and are so deluded by their own power that they don't even realize it. You can't simply get millions of people to stop doing something, let alone wipe out a plant entirely. Prohibition failed with alcohol, and it's slowly dying with marijuana.
  5. damn man thats heavy stuff :smoke: +rep
  6. umm... my sig n avatar :D
  7. Wow man that was most stupidest anti thing yet, that stupid navigating character in the story is gay and annoying the animal of the stoner, what bullshit and above thier influence for sure.
  8. yeah those anti weed ads are fucking dumb, in holland they have the public ads that discourage racism which is a more important issue anyway than worrying about folks who smoke
  9. Looooooooooooool.
  10. Here's what I think it is Blutteufel:

    The thing is that the concept of weed being a drug and bad for you in ingrained within many people today. Politicians therefore have to appeal to their constituents by continuing the "war on drugs." Anyone who wants to seriously be elected (regardless of their actual viewpoint) has to take that stand.

    I agree with this too. It's only a matter of time at this point.
  11. Who is that guy anyway can't do his research correctly, and the stoners seem poorly acted, and not actually even stoned..or just have a really low tolerances, lets see if he could come up with the same results he did if he actually reviewed a true toker of the herb.

  12. The moron could be in a room full of real potheads and never fucking know it because he'd be looking for people lying on the ground sleeping or frantically rummaging through everything in sight for food or some shit.
  13. I think this is a re-post, if it's what I'm thinking it is.

    above the influence is lame, the government is lame, old ass conservatives who would break their hips if I walked up to them on the street and told them I smoke ganj are lame, smokey the bear is lame, Bill O'Reilly is lame.

    smoke weed

    write your congressman

    and then let's all march on washington in a hunger strike until pot is fully legalized in the US.

  14. But he has his own factor. Cmon man, that must count for something.

    /end stoned post.
  15. I learned that stoners have pieces of brownies in their hair saved for later.

    thanks above the influence!
  16. What makes me mad is how they have all those facts and statistics that are manipulated to make the numbers against weed look ginormous. When the girl is standing talkin to the guy and can barely form together a sentence, she makes it look like all stoners are permanantly retarded like that. We are like that sometimes, but only if we're blitzed out of our skulls :D. The kid who gets ripped before bed is just as intellectual the next day as the one who didnt

    All the statistics about stoners being impaired, lazy, and unable to talk are taken from subjects who are high, not people who were high the day before!! The data they collect is from high patients, but they make it appear as though anyone who smokes pot will have these symptons for days afterward.

    it just gets my blood a boilin'!!!

    -The Keeganator
  17. dont get angry, just laugh it up.

    and how bout when they attach that blinking dog collar or whatever it is.... 4 hours... okay thats believable. but 72 hours? haha!
  18. Nah, man. They pull it straight out of their gaping assholes because they can't take the time to do some actual fucking research. They prefer to save money by spreading bullshit rather than trying to find the actualy facts.
  19. they had the room bowled up pretty good. =)

    fuck that commercial.

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