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Stoners First Time at Strip Club

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HellsHippie, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Also went to my first strip club a few days ago, unfortunately I went with a group of friends who don't smoke so I wasn't stoned. Plus im not 21 yet so i cant buy deh booze. Also we fucking went at like 6pm and there was 3 girls like the best one was black and I'm not into black girls but she did make dat booty clap, like on a scale of 1-10 the best one was a 5 tops.

    I didnt even get a partial boner from these chicks. They were dtf for like 40$ tho. Friend got some dome in the VIP room. Basically I spent 16 bucks for a cup of sprite. I wouda tipped if they deserved it but like 2 of 3 girls were flabby and had bunk faces and couldn't work the pole.

    Hopefully that wasn't mean, just being honest :)
  2. Also just my two cents but strippers are all about dat guap, I smell a possible gold digger
  3. Marine stripper hmmmm idk man i never heard of a Military personal member being a stripper i think that might be alittle BS unless she's enlisting which is a totally different story, If shes enlisting bro you should wifey that bitch up cause shes getting her life togther (or already had it togther to begin with) and is looking for a BF or protentialy hubby.
  4. havent been to strip club before :/
  5. Marines don't smoke weed.
    It's too detrimental to their career/lifestyle.

    Retirees are a different story though.

  6. Not worth it unless you're looking for an overpriced shit hole full of creeps. I can't speak for the high class clubs though. I much prefer to be at the crib watching a movie with a chik. Load a bong, pop some popcorn, and kick back. Of course, I would be interested in a classy place if I had cash for it.

  7. The clubs we went to costed 20 bucks just to get in...Beers was 5 and 6 bucks a pop!....The ugly dudes constantly payin 40 bucks for lap dances left and right...Dudes in there blowin straight hundreds man...Aint no bitch in the world hot enough for me to give them 40 bucks to rub there ass in my lap haha!...Maybe im just not a desperate guy.

    I mean honestly if i wanna see a chick naked...I can get it for free in a more civilized manner lol!
  8. ^ this guy knows. Why spend 6 bucks a drink when a 12 pack is 15 bucks? That 20 cover is a g of some dank or a pizza.
  9. No lie that stripper just sent me a picture of her vagina and said "now your turn..".....Lol wtf...So should i send a pic of my vagina now? haha imagine me sending a pic of a vagina back...That would throw her for a loop!

  10. Is her vag all loose and flappy? Could she jump off a cliff and parachute to safety?

    If not, send her a pic of your dong cuz she's fiendin' for it
  11. Didn't even realize this was a HellsHippie thread. Makes it that much better.

  12. Lol "Hells Hippie Goes To a Strip Club"

  13. lolol you sound jealous or something

    this is a good story, keep us informed HH!
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