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    Hello and welcome to the first thread of many that I will be making for you guys.
    These threads are dedicated in helping me make a Top 100 Stoner Video Game list, for those in the future who have a hard time trying to find a Stoner game to play. This way, instead of making a bunch of reoccurring threads about the same subject, all stoners can look to the Top 100 list to see what are some of the best trippy Stoner games.
    This thread will be dedicated in finding the best stoner games associated with the RPG genre.
    How this will work, is I will set up a poll of about 20 of the best RPG video game series, you, will then vote on one of you're favorite RPG series that you enjoy playng when you're stoned. Now, you will notice that every option is only a series, so what you have to do after voting, if reply and tell us which one you voted one, and which game or games out of that series are the best.
    For example, if you pick the Fable Series, then you would reply by telling us why you picked it, and which game out of the series was you're favorite, and/or which you would recommend to a stoner. So I would say "I picked the Fable series because.... and then I would say, I recommend Fable the Lost Chapters, as it is the best in the series, in my honest opinion". Just like that, not too hard, pretty simple.
    Just look up at the poll above the thread and vote. Thank you.
    PS: I have also added an "Other*" option, if anyone wants to vote on a game, or game series that is not listed. Thanks again, and thanks for anyone's help!

  2. I think out of those its between elder scrolls, the witcher(Wasn't a huge fan of 1 but 2 was amazing), and the soul's franchise
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    I went with other, and my choice would be Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne.

    I've always loved every aspect of folklore and mythology and even the mythological aspects of all the various religions, and this game (well the whole SMT series actually) usually has really heavy handed and often dark stories, with Nocturne instead of trying to save the world it's fucking destroyed within the first 30 minutes?

    After that you're traveling across the wastes recruiting demons to fight along side you. All the demons are rooted in religion,mythology and etc from pretty much every where in the world. Lucifer,Beelzebub and all the orders of the angels to Parvati, Kali, Sati. These are some of the few games that are actually nintendo hard still, as soon as your Main Character dies it's game over, and throw in basic random encounter enemies that will throw out insta-death spells it can be really hard. So the smoking of weed is a great de-stresser when you make it through a tough boss only to get taken out by a random enemy after.

    OH also one of the very few gams that has buffs and debuffs where they are pretty much mandatory to survive, I would challenge anyone to play through Nocturne on the hardest difficulty (going for the True Demon ending no less) without using any buffs or debuffs....that would just be pure masochism. If you do that without wanting to break shit you my friend have reached a plane of inner peace I want to be at.  

    And for anyone who is like Screw religion! More often than not the final boss in these games is some form God, so that's fun :p

    I highly recommend any of the darker SMT games and spin-offs for people looking for traditional styled rpgs. Nocturne, Digital Devil Saga 1&2 etc. 
  4. I had to choose the Elder Scrolls series. My favorite RPGs of all time would be Final Fantasy 8, 10, and 6, but they're not games that I can get into very well when I'm high. There is a lot of strategy, mindless grinding, and other factors to consider when you're digging deep into a JRPG. Thus the Elder Scrolls, I love those games nearly as much as I do Final Fantasy, but when it comes to playing high, I can really lose myself in them. I don't have to put in much thought, strategy, or effort to have a fantastic time. I would throw the Fallout series on an equal plane as well.
  5. The Witcher and TES are sweet series
  6. happy to see my 2 favorites on here, fallout and dark souls.  dark souls has amazing combat mechanics for an rpg as well as the best multiplayer out of non mmo's that i've played.  fallout provides a great, wide open world to explore (havent played the early fallout games, unfortunately...) as well as a nice slow pace in case youre too stoned to use your reflexes.
  7. Never been a huge rpg guy but ni no kuni blew me away. Not only are the graphics top notch (it feels like you're playing an anime) but the soundtrack might be the best I've ever heard in a videogame. You really feel like you're on an epic journey. Playing this game blazed or otherwise put a big smile on my face.
    There's a demo on psn I reccomend everyone to try, it took me around 50 hrs to finish it and I plan to make it my first platinum eventually.
  8. Never been too into rpgs outside the zelda series and gen 1 pokemon. Just recently got skyrim and oblivion. Zelda is no doubt number 1 for me. ALTTP was one of the first games i ever owned. And the first game i ever was good at and figured everything out on my own. I remember one early morning i was mad young and had just beaten the first boss. I got so excited and ran out to my brothers to tell them while they were just riding bikes around the yard. I was so into the game and loved the whole world ever since.
  9. Voted Neverwinter Nights series, most customization for a single player RPG that I can recall, classic D&D theme solid gameplay. Elder scrolls is obviously up there too, but you guys already voting that one.
  10. huh... i would have expected alil more for the FF series. it was the first! my wifes grandfather still has his NES and his copy of Final Fantasy still saves a game. i played a couple hours with her nephew a couple weeks ago. he couldnt get into it. the archaic graphics killed it for him, but it was like time travel for me. 
  11. A lot of love for Bethesda on this topic. Fallout and Elder Scrolls leading the Calvary!
  12. KOTOR is my all time favorite single player RPG series. I really wish they'd release a third... come on Bioware... we all know Mass Effect is just a prettier KOTOR anyway lol
    I'm hoping for the release of a Neverwinter Nights 3 game. Or possibly a Dragon Age 3, but hopefully if they do that, they'll bring back some more hardcore RPG elements like in the first two NW and the first DA.
  14. It was between Pokemon and the Souls games so much time went into both of those games but I love Dark Souls just a little bit more.
  15. Final Fantasy games got my vote. I enjoy the Elder Scrolls and Dark Souls a lot, but I still love going back and playing the psone ff games. X was great too, maybe my favorite in the series.

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