Stoners are all fucked! :(((

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  1. Lol fuck the police they will flood the prisons with us and run out of space MUHAHAHAHAH

    on another note

    pause a 4 seconds is it just me or is that Michel Jackson?
  2. That is 100% illegal. Look into peoples home? That is totally illegal. Stupid fuckin pigs.
  3. Also favorite lines in this "The Big Shots" "they will be comeing out in a min."

    I fucking hate this also its invasion of my privacy and if one came over my home i have a 2.23 ready for it... I would fight some one even the govorment over my right to jerk off in my home with out being seen by some fuck sitting at a desk in texas..
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    so basically i forgot to put that i am just scared cause it says that these drones can "follow cars" what if someone calls in on me smoking, a plane will be above my car following me out of city for all the cops to see what im doing. so no more smoking in cars if this little guy becomes legal.
  5. would hate to be growing and living in Texas!!
  6. There is no way this can be legal. Of coarse if Obama keeps his head inserted in his anus it could. Good luck bro:wave:
  7. that is illegal. and i think ur on to something thats mj
  8. you can buy your uav type drone for like 18k-24k....i seent it.......or you can buy an rpg type rocket.....seent it....or you can ....well ...fuck the police!
  9. Yeah that is illegal....but cops do illegal shit everyday.

    Damn, I feel bad for people in Texas.
  10. Spend all the tax payers money to come up with ways to get the tax payers locked up! ...just doesn't make much sense....when are they going to give it a break!? The estimated prison population in 50 years, if prisons continue to fill at their present rate, in the USA, our prison population will be around 80 % of the country's total population....the other 20% will be working for the prisons...WTF? Stupid is, stupid does. I believe it's time for a new revolution!
  11. [ame=]YouTube - Revolution - The Beatles[/ame]
  12. How long before they start taking out grows with Hellfire missiles?
  13. Shit I'm a stoner in texas, I'm fucked?:confused:
  14. basically. start packin your bags homie
  15. Your Fla. drug laws are quite terrifying, as well.
  16. Touche but look at my location ;)
  17. Not a secret anymore
  18. What law is it breaking? I'm assuming they don't mean with x-ray vision, they mean through windows and such. It's 100% legal to look into peoples' windows, unmanned drones or not.

    Pretty bullshit how they were trying to be secretive with it, though.

    You really think the cops are going to use the ONLY drone they have to follow stoners around? They have WAY bigger fish to fry.
  19. when has that stopped the government before...... :p

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