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Stoner voice

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by washedmothafuka, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Been smoking for the past 3 or 4 years and recently I've been hearing that I have that stoner voice. I guess it just developed with out me noticing because it sounds normal to me. But anyway to work on not sounding like that? Its not the like "yeahhh dude toalllyyyyy" but any o you guys get this or try to do anything about it? I've been coming off as a stoner to random ass people from talking which is the last thing I want. No dumbass 14 year old responses please.
  2. Stoner voice? If you smoke alot then yeah you develop a chill style tone of voice. What I dont like is when im high my voice gets all grimy and makes me uncomfortable to talk its fucking weird.
  3. I developed a chill style tone of voice from smoking a lot.
  4. I used to talk fast and kinda "jittery", if that makes any sense, because I used to have bad anxiety. I smoke everyday now and I definitely talk different. I talk slower and think about what I am gonna say before saying it, which is nice because I use to come across as a nervous ass-hole when I talked before. Yes, I have the "stoner tone" but I like this way better then how I was! :smoke:
  5. Your voice will get a lot more chill as you smoke more.

    It shouldn't really matter, though, because the only people that are noticing are ones who also smoke a lot, or know you smoke. Right? To the average Joe that you spark up conversation with in the checkout line at the grocery store, that's just your voice.

    A change that you'll start to experience as you smoke more, which will be much more noticeable to you and your friends, is that you're whole personality starts to become very chill and "go with the flow." If they start calling you out for not wanting to drink with them much anymore because you'd much rather get together with some friends and pass a bong around for 3 hours, just remember that that's very normal as well :p
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  6. REALLY well put. Yes, I have been smoking everyday for the past 3 years so I have been going with the flow for quite some time. Actually the people who were pointing out the thing about my voice was this cute girl who I kinda flirt with/give each other shit. It's like a love hate relationship but she really through me a curveball when she commented on how I sound like I am stoned. (Class is pretty early in the morning, which is definitely not my fore-tay or however you say it )
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  7. Here is what you do:

    Stop giving a fuck.

    Glad to help.:cool:
  8. I think my voice becomes mellower. People noticed today.
  9. Me Agreeing Sober: Yes I would have to totally agree with you on the basis that it's completely within my boundaries of acceptable moral opinion.

    Me Agreeing Stoned: Yeah man...
  10. I think people just say that if you say "dude" or "maaan" but i said that shit before i started smoking its flawed logic.
  11. My voice just gets really deep when I'm stoned.
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  12. bummer dude...heh heh

  13. The whole reason I posted this was because I just began to give a fuck. How can you not give a fuck about something when you just started giving a fuck about it? It's like noticing that your hairline is receding...after a while you stop giving a fuck, but you still give a fuck that it is happening. Really try to understand that paragraph...I think it has some meaning :rolleyes:

    You response lacks any thought, but thanks for being glad to help.
  14. Anyone's voice get really quiet when they are stoned? I'm always trying to talk to non-stoned people and they say they can't hear me.
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  15. If you're always stoned, no one will know when you're stoned :smoke:
  16. I do this as well, of course my voice is pretty much permchilled.
    But it's easy to avoid, know, think about it before you talk.
    For me if I'm not focused I'll catch my self goin' a little slower than usual, but once I realize I just pick up the pace.
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  17. Yeah i feel like im always whispering but i haven't had anyone tell me to speak up i guess its good? I talk quiet,dont finish sentences,mumble a lot when high.
  18. Lol I know what you're talking about.

    I started developing it so I completely changed how I talk.

    [ame=]Shaggy Impression (Scooby Doo) [Proof] - YouTube[/ame]

    I'll always randomly bust it out if I feel like I've sounded the same for a while.

    Did it to a cop as a bet once too when I got pulled over lmao.

    Just switch it up :)
  19. i think my voice has a slightly more wise tone to it than it used to
  20. Yeah I agree with the Stoner Voice thing. Mine has changed I'll admit. I used to sound stressed and talk very fast. But now I sound a lot more mellow. More prone to listening and then responding with a well thought out answer.

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