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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by minntoker, Mar 2, 2004.

  1. What is the best song about smoking?
  2. Why isn't anyone posting?
  3. threads just like this have been made so many times here. Just do a search, or just scroll down and look at the other threads in the music hall....
  4. all rap lol just because i like the beats

    Tech n9ne - get blowed (BEAT CRACKS LIKE CRAZY ON MY FRIENDS 15")
    lil wyte - my smokin song
    twista - front porch
    twista - smokin weed
    twista - blaze it up (not really smokin song)
    bone thugs - smokin buddah
    bone thugs - buddah lovas
    bizzy bone - fried day
    Tupac - Weed Got Me Crazy
    Tupac - smoke weed all day
    afroman - tumbleweed
    do or die - wanna smoke my weed
  5. all are pretty good, but my fave about smokin weed is the weed song by bone thugs and harmony - its completely dedicated to weed and i am too... plus it just sounds high- like it expresses exactly how i feel when im high. if you havent heard it... check it out. its rap but its mellow. i give it 2 thumbs up and 2 big toes up
  6. Afroman - Cause I Got High
  7. coolio - im in love with mary jane
    krazyie bonge - smoking buddah
    um i think its phish - marijuana far the best :)
  8. "in 1776, thomas jefferson signed his name on a piece of marijuana ..and thsi document was a symbol of freedom and of liberty, atleast for the rich white gentry ..time passed along and the plant that i refer to hass been used for everything from medicine to the american flag, some where long the way things got messed up, ya messed up, for marijuana

    marijuana! a gift from god to my brothers and me, marijuana! the goverment wants to test me when i pee."
  9. Everybody must get stoned - Bob Dylan....

    But to be honest, songs written just about getting high are kind of lame in my opinion.
  10. yeah i would hafta say:

    Bob Dylan - Everybody must get stoned
    Pharcyde - Pack the Pipe
    The Streets - The Irony of it all

    i recommend the last two if you havent heard em
  11. that streets song is awesome, i get so confused where he starts argueing himself, craazy! mike skinner is definiatly the illest of the ill. hip hop with an english accent is awesome.

  12. i think that if you are a musician, and you love your cannabis ..your obligated to write atleast one song devoted to the plant that fuels you with creative energy.

  13. THE WEED SONG.... that song is so good to chill to after smokin
  14. peter tosh - legalize it
    yonder mountain string band - keep on going into legalize it cover...i LOVE that song

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