Stoner Sitcom Research

Discussion in 'General' started by EddUK, May 26, 2013.

  1. I'm a writer from England and I've noticed that over here there are no true stoner sitcoms. I've decided to write a pilot for the much needed show but I want to know what you all would expect and want to see in it. This includes any songs, jokes, ideas or themes so any help would be amazing and it doesn't matter what your ideas are, it'll all be much needed help, thanks.

  2. have you seen weeds?  Pretty good show, not really 'stoner' though
  3. Workaholics is a good example of a good show about stoners (well, and alcholism for that matter). The comedy of it represents how I feel while I'm baked, point on.
    Random stoner missions and parties. :)
  4. Stoned adventures where the point can be kinda stupid but the actual adventure is awesome (like harold and kumar or pineapple express). Song wise its probably best to include a cypress hill or sublime song for a pilot just because of how uber stoner both are.

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