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Discussion in 'General' started by Phethawate, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. I swear I can't go to a store without imagining how everything can be used in association with weed. I went to this place called World Market, I dunno if it's a national chain or what but we originally went there to get some foriegn beer. They have this "Build Your Own 6 Pack" Where you can mix and match all these import lagers and ales. Anyway they have alot of cool/weird shit. The first thing I see are the Eifel Tower wine/vinegar bottles that would make an awesome bong. Then there's all the spice containers that would be awesome for curing bud. The best piece though were these plates, I think they're made of bamboo leaf or something, maybe that's just the shape. It's wood though. The plate has a point on one side. Sort of like a tear drop. *Lightbulb* That would be great for a rolling/breaking up tray. The little point is perfect for just pouring the bud into a bowl. It's pretty deep rimmed too. You know I had to pick one up. There was light brown, light green and dark red. I wished the Brown was darker, and the green, though green, was ugly. So I got a red one and hopefully, in a few weeks, I can start looking for a new spoon to nicely compliment it.

    I've yet to try out the little "spout" though cause I'm on day one of my first tolerance break.
    Tommorow I'm going to clean my spoon instead of smoking. I can't hang out with my friends cause I realised I hate them tonight. I hope it's just the lack of weed talking.

    I might get some shitty camera phone pics up later to give a better idea of the shape and color.
  2. I fail to understand the spout.

    I've, numerous times, realised my friends werent friends like they should be, but hey, its life.
  3. Taking a break makes you more emotional and often depression sets it. Hopefully you'll find people to make you happy though.

    My other point was... I can't live life without thinking of baking random shit out. If I see something I automatically think of ways I could bake it out. "That's a nice dresser... OMG we can bake it out if we cut the back of the.." you get the point. It's laughable.
  4. It's like a plate shaped like a tear drop, rounded mostly but there's a point. The point tapers bud into a bowl. Like how a pitcher has a pointed spout for pouring. If I just push it all to the point then tilt the plate and push it into the bowl there's little to no bud lost.
  5. They're cool I'm just irratable is all. I usually just put up with their stupid babble but it seemed like everything was extra annoying. Nothing even that bad happened tonight, I just am on edge. I did find myself telling some people shit that pisses me off about other people we socialize with, people that won't necessarily tell the person I was talking shit, but I realized that I'm telling this stuff to the guy that idolizes the one I was badmouthing. Not a big deal though. I never consider something talking behind their back if I'm willing to say it to their face.

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