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Discussion in 'General' started by mushroomsatsuji, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. The previous thread inspired me to think of a store catered to stoners. It wont be a headshop or anything directly relating to weed for legal purposes, but everything else that a stoner needs, like a 24 hr delivery service of all kinds of foods.

    If such a shop existed, what kinds of things would you want to see in there?

    When you are high as hell and you're thinking "Man, I wish this was open" Or "Man, I wish we could go get this" What would those things be?
  2. I want pumpkin pie available year around :mad:
  3. Done.
  4. Be a good idea, but hard to pull off. If you're thinking of like something open over night, most people just hit up 7-11 or taco bell.

    A few things to deliver though would be:

    Snacks, obviously. And drinks.
    Cigarettes (Depending on the laws). I don't know any places that deliver cigarettes but man would that be useful.
    Movie and video game rentals.

    If I could call a place and be like....yeah....bring me a pizza, a monster, and a video game to dick around with, and I'll call at midnight :)
  5. "I'll take a pizza... ummm some chips, pack o camels... and... uhh... something to drink"
  6. Exactly. Thats why I need something that offers something more so people will want to come here.

    Some grocery stores do things just like this. But along with that, Im gonna need something to keep people in the store, instead of just ordering from home. That service is going to be more directed at the ones who are too fucked up to drive here. That way, we can make the streets safer.
  7. Chinese food. Having camels delivered to me would be amazing. You should have a bpuncehouse or something badass outside.
    A hookah bar would get and keep people in store.
    Play awesome dance music and have a small area with lights to dance and shit.
    Rolling papers and blunt wraps.
    Ice cream. Lots of that.

    And please open a store in Indiana because I would totally be there every night.
  8. You could create a random snack generator for people that are too stoned to decide what they want. Like it could be a screen where you press a button and it gives the person a random combination of a snack and drink. Granted, they wouldn't have to purchase it, but it could really help out a munchified stoner.

  9. This is the most genius idea I've ever seen on the Internet. I'm repping the shit out of you and begging you make an iPhone app that does this.
  10. I remember there being a delivery service online where you could choose what restaurant (taco bell, mcdonalds, dennys) and what you want from their menu and they'll deliver it to you 24 hours/7 days a week. I'm pretty sure it was only available in NV though.
  11. Theres a store called midnight munchies, sells a lot of different shit opened 11pm - 6 am
  12. An assortment of fast fried foods (like a mcdonalds + taco bell + dominos), a bunch of cheap drinks ($.99 Arizona's are a MUST), an assortment of bongs/pipes, grinders and other accessories.

    oh and a "smoke free" lounge area with the best chairs/couches, huge HDTV's, movies playing and video games.

    not to mention a buffet.
  13. -wifi
    -get a really good chef, i think if there was some really good, fair priced restaurant open late people would choose that over boring taco bell
    -come up with rediculous menu items that will just blow a stoners mind, ex. fries topped with ice cream
    -put in a bunch of couches and flatscreens and let people rent movies and watch them in the store on your huge flatscreen (i would definitely do this rather than watch movies on my tiny tv or pay way too much to go to the theatre)
    -some old school arcade games
  14. how about instead of killing ourselves with grease and cow shit, we have some food that GOOD for you? i mean. we're already smoking weed. do we really need to make ourselves MORE unhealthy? the last thing id want from a pot store is shitty fast food.

    how about a nice sandwich shop? now THAT rules!

    edit: im also down for arcade games.
  15. That store would definitely be an absurd combination of food, clothing, movies, old school video games, and it would help to also be a gas station.
  16. id hate this store, because it would undoubtedly be full of sublime music and bob marley posters.
  17. Taco bell delievery service, 99cent arizona drinks, candy, gum, etc. Just some ideas.
  18. I wont make it as cliche as that. Its going to be for all types of stoners.
  19. there should be an Old School section or something! :smoke:

  20. then i will frequent your store! i actually avoid extra cliche headshops. they piss me off hardcore. sick of tye dye, SICK OF IT!!

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