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Stoner Parents/ Stoner Children?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by antisocial-smoker, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. Stoner parents: Do you/How do you hide your smoking from your kids? Any hilarious stories regarding smoking and your kids?
    Stoner offspring: Do you/How do/did you hide it from your parents? Did they know? 

  2. Though they initially busted me when I was underage, it didn't matter much and it matters even less now that I am old enough to make my own decisions. But they aren't stoners at all.
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    My parents started suspecting me of drug use before I even started using them at ALL regularly, and they temporarily freaked out about it--they threatened a lot of stuff, including drug tests, which they bought and would threaten me with periodically.  They stopped doing that to me when I made it clear that I didn't care if they drug tested me.  This was around when I was 16, and I started smoking regularly at the same time as convincing them I had nothing to hide and didn't care if they drug tested me.  That kind of blew over and I barely made an effort at hiding it after that--I never let them see my weed or pipe or anything, but I smoked in my room (with a sploof and a towel at the door) all the time, at all times of day, and they saw me high more often than sober.  I'm pretty sure they knew all along--they must have.  Eventually, after I went off to college, I just came clean and told them I'd been smoking pot for years and had no plans to stop.
    When I was smoking regularly in my room, they'd semi-often open the door and tell me my room smelled funny.  I always blamed it on the hay and stuff for my rabbit, which lived in my room.
  4. I told my parents before I smoked my first time. My mom just laughed because she thought I was joking and my dad just said he didn't want me to do it a lot. I've smoked with both of them and my mom lets me smoke inside as long as it doesn't smell up the entire apartment complex. I'd say I got pretty damn lucky to have some stoner parents. :smoke:
  5. i just
    wait for it
    wait for it
    smoked outside.
  6. There is always some place to smoke other then your parent's house.

    As for hiding, I don't. I tend to not smoke much inside during the day, but since I'm always in the garage it's not a nuisance. If my kid or my nephew is outside though there is essentially no hiding on my part aside of not letting either of them being stuck up my ass while I'm blowing.

    Sorta related... I also don't hide from the neighbor kids who seem to have no parents and live in my yard. I've been in this house for 6years and have no idea what their parents names are. If they don't want their kid exposed to weed then they should check on them more then once a day and keep them out of my shit.
  7. Stoner parents = the best. My parents let me smoke in my room, I haven't smoked with them yet though!
  8. my dad smoked a lot when I was little. When I started smoking at 14 my mom found out pretty quickly, didnt really approve of it but eh whatever I still did what I wanted to do.
  9. I've smoked with my parents before as a teen. they are dead now but never had to hide it. but I also didn't have a very strong relationship with either of them and had a strong lack of respect for them both.
    now as a parent, I don't hide it from my son. he is 4 and is autistic, he knows daddy smokes but that's it he couldn't tell the difference. when he is older I will probably smoke with him if it will be beneficial, but not for recreation. he will lay on the floor and stare at my plants for hours. he's awesome.
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    Yeah I just smoke outside. I've hit a one hitter on literally 2 separate occasions in my room and blew everything out the window, but it still made me a little uncomfortable so for now I don't mind taking my midnight walks around the 'burbs  :smoking:
  11. My parents caught me smoking tobacco a bunch of times before. Also where I live most people my age smoke weed so my parents know Im gonna be exposed to it at one point or another (unless I have a shit social life). Needless to say I was introduced to the world of marijuana at around the age of 12-13 when I was just starting to go out more often and had a bit of freedom. I didn't smoke it though and I thought it smelled bad. I told my parents I was offered it a bunch of times and declined to gain a lil trust. But somewhere around the age of 16 I learnt alot more about the benefits of the plant and that I had been lied to all that time. I still didn't smoke it but I learnt it wasn't that bad. I later discovered that alot of my cousins smoke hash daily (never herbal weed because of where they live its not available).
    My parents still think weed is some sort of killer drug, although I subtly try to change their opinions on the matter whenever the subject comes up. It's also supposedly against my religion even though the law isnt in scripture, more like a judgement from scholars etc which often don't have the first hand experience to ditch out these kind of laws. So that doesnt help either. My siblings all know I smoke weed and that it hasnt changed me one bit. They are all above 17 years old so are mature and don't snitch to my parents. Even if they did I am quite aggressive in doing what I like so I doubt they could stop me if they tried. At the moment I think it is best not to tell them, since I know I wouldnt be allowed to smoke at home or anywhere for that matter so there is nothing really to gain so what they don't know can't hurt them. Even though even if my parents knew I would still be able to smoke, I havent told them, is because I think they will use it as ammo in arguments. eg "yeah hes never doing what hes told its cos of the weed hes a druggy etc" because they cant see the root of the problem they will try to blame weed for my shortcomings and use that to stop me smoking
    I am on a T-break right now but I was smoking daily for a period of time sometimes even 3-4 times a day. The way I didn't get caught is because I make sure I always manage the smell, the witnesses, and the location. I basically never smoke indoors unless its out of the window, I always chew gum and spray deodrant and never in front of people who I know are anti-weed. It isn't too bad and I have adapted a method to smoke pretty much whenever I want and not get caught. I hope to soon finance my moving out of my parents house so that I can do what I like without fear of being judged.
  12. My dad has been a stoner for as long as I can remember, my mam started smoking with him when she had cancer she's had the all clear for 8 years now but she never quit smoking
    My dad knew I was stoned the very first time I smoked, i was 12 so he told me I was too young and that just because he did it didn't mean it was okay for me at the time I thought he was the biggest asshole on the planet but I'm 22 now and my sister is 12 and if I caught her smoking I'd say the exact same thing to her.
    By the time I was 16 I was allowed smoke in my room and had the odd joint with my parents every now and then, I was a mature 16 year old and was working and giving my parents money every week so I was more or less treated like an adult, they weren't strict with me because they didn't have to be, but my brother who's 2 years older than me wasn't allowed smoke in the house till he was 21 because he was a lay about waster up till then
    I moved out when I was 18 and now I visit my parents a few times a week and we'll usually have a joint or two, my brother still lives at home and my parents don't smoke with him
  13. Most people who think their parents don't know they smoke are sadly mistaken.
  14. Smoke out of your window
    Don't just let the smoke out of your mouth or that shit's coming right back into your room, you gotta blow it hard if you catch my drift
  15. you can easily air out a room or spray something. it's the smoke on your person and in your clothes that lingers. wash your hands, brush your teeth, changes clothes.
  16. Only do it when they are at sleepovers or we are out of town.  And then only outside: NEVER in the house.
  17. I don't wanna give away my secret :D and I vape so my parents cant smell it on me, I have a feeling one of my parents smoke and Ive been caught with paraphernalia before but pretended it wasn't mine
  18. SO TRUE. My parents knew for at least half a year before I told them. They're your parents, they can usually tell what's up. 
  19. I guess my parents found out when I got suspended in grade 8 for having a dimebag on me. They were never cool with it but in my senior year in highschool they finally allowed me to toke at home.
  20. My real mom who I've recently been hanging out with (I was abandoned by her because of her prescription drug problem) but she's clean now. She ended up getting addicted to the stuff they gave her in rehab to stop smoking mj. So she smokes the Mary Jane now. We haven't smoked together yet but soon. She's doing really well actually.
    My adoptive mother, who is my step grandmother (my birth mothers step mom) is okay. Like she knows I do it (though she thought I was doing it way before I did, pretty sure I actually smoked my first cigarette just cause I knew she thought I did anyway and never did anything about it but complain and I knew she would keep complaining even if I never did it. So I said fuck it and became a party alternative hippy chick thing I am now)
    So yeah. Smoke the ganja all day every day. Lol

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