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Stoner, or Not a Stoner??? Hmmmmmm...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Badgerrskihigh, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. Ok so recently ive been thinking about something quite alot lately. Am I a stoner, or not? And do i wanna be labled as a stoner? Well being how I do endulge myself in the wonderfull Jane as if it was a ciggerette addiction, i feel as if im not your average stoner.

    Lemmie explain....
    So say you meet a guy, he smokes alot of weed, he goes around tryin to find his bud, wherever he gets it he dont care, because hes going to get high off it somehow and enjoy himself. He may take a quick look, maybe a lil sniff,"smells good to me". goes to wherever, busts out his papers or whatever hes got n smokes. N this is what he does on a daily basis.
    ok so you would call him a stoner right? smokes everyday, loves to get high n dont care how cuz, well"it gets you high dont iit?"

    Alright well heres me.
    19, & I am 100% facinated by the plant. I love everything about it. However, I am a very picky "stoner" if i must be.
    I have an everyday normal job. Comercial AC contruction.
    I have a normal life. Do what I do. However im not distracted by the thoughts of, " omg fuck this shit i just wanna go get high" on a daly basis. Tho I am high on a daily basis, it just comes when the times right, as any crutch should. now some days i will be high all day. I have many things i do high. wake up, eat, drive, eat, hangin out,eating, n lots of other things. But i feel as if im differe t that your " Woooooaa broo i fuckin saaaaaaiillliin doooog" When i sit down, n i grab my Cannafresh container, I bust out a Beautiful nug of the best herb i could find, through it into my sharpstone, then slap it into my bong, i get high, as everyone. n then i go on doing what im doin.

    I examine the weed. I examine the high, the taste, the look, how it smokes, everything about it i wanna know n find the quality of what i have. Ive come to a standard of what herbs i qill purchase, and only from correct suppliers with the shit your average "stoner" would freak out over.

    I dont smoke to show off, to be cool, to fit in, to hide pain, or to so much as to just get high. However not saying I Dont :]

    i smoke for reasons as to i wanna explore the plant. I wanna be able to know if one day im feelin one way, that i need to smoke this outa this, or need to vape this outa this with this.

    Friends cal me the weed scientist, outsiders call me a stoner.
  2. Does it matter? Label yourself whatever you want.

    I go to school, make good grades, smoke, chill. Call me what you want, I smoke marijuana.

    A wine connoisseur can also be an alcoholic.
  3. the stoner u portrayed in the first paragraph is the stereotypical stoner that the media portrays to non stoners. you my friend are what a responsible stoner is and disprove the stereotype, which is good. So keep doing what your doing
  4. now your right, but is he an alcohaulic? or rather something else.

    when you hear about someone whos an alxohaulic, you think negative towards them. maybe maybe not but your outlook is still not the same as if he was labled as something greater.

    so when im looked upon as a "stoner", could it be in the same way?

    fuck it im trying to confuse myself. I just need to smoke allready. AASSTA LA RAASSTTA
  5. Whatever it is, it doesn't belong in seasoned.
  6. I think you're a stoner who's in denial of his stonerhood by covering it up with fine observations on quality and a supposed control over your addiction
  7. Please give me your oppinions or expalin your habbit.
  8. when you get a bit older, you will realize that it doesnt fuckin matter what you are. you are who you are and no label will change that, and nothing anyone says will change that
  9. It's just a definition people give to others so they can feel comfortable generalizing.
  10. Dissagree. Tho you have an opinion as everyone should, however the point of my post was to ask, stoner or not a stoner, and as flippyblazer said, their are obviously 2 catagories of a stoner, the one nonsmokers/media put us out to be, and the stoner we all know eachother as.

    we all got our own habbits n personal opinions on how we do things.
    i choose to do things differently, yet the same.

    as to it being an addiction, absolutly not. its an addiction like wanting to listen to my favorite band. I dont need to listen to them. if i go days weeks months without them. il be ok, but if i gota computer, ima look um up n jam out.

    i enjoy them. i enjoy to smoke. sometimes times not right. so you dont. sometimes ts right. blaze up.

    currently trying to come across some goodaa for a blunt as we speak, sitting on my laptop at the gas station. being my picky self finding decent is tough....everyones dryyyyyyyyyyy:[

  11. I'm no geologist but you sir are indeed a stoner...
  12. That is the best way I've heard someone explain marijuana addiction before.

    But on topic, a stoner in my town is anyone who smokes bud at all. It isn't something thought of as negative it just is what it is.
  13. Pointless post I think
    if u think im a stoner well good for u if u think im worthless good for u to
    but doesn't matter what others think aslong as ur happy with urself fuk what other people label u as imma still do what I do if u like it or not
  14. You're a human that smokes weed. The best kind of human.
  15. it doesnt matter what other people would classify you as as long as you are content with what you think you are or are not.

    but i would say a working smoker.....kind of like a working alcohalic
  16. Idgaf what other people say about me I smoke weed but I do all the stuff I need to be doing also
  17. cool story bro
  18. It is a lot different then being a working alcoholic. Alcohol has many negative effects on your mind and body while weed has some positives to it. For instance an alcoholic artist will make less high quality art then their potential, while a stoner artist will gain new insight and make even better art.

  19. Stop going into every thread and saying "cool story bro". It accomplishes nothing and adds nothing to the conversation.

  20. someone had to say it

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