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stoner names

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by weedleaf, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. what nicknames have you acquired b/c of smoking pot?? post em here

    i have a few given to me by my different friends.

    all of my friends call me snoop dogg b/c im steady smoking all the time and i LOVE blunts! lol
    then theres the other ones:
    weedleaf (given to me by my non-stoner friend b/c i love pot and my name is wheatley)
    fine with a dime haha my dude friends gave me that one
    mary jane or mary janes girlfriend
    pot crackhead lol
    and green feen haha

  2. My stoner name is Lungs,cuz i take godly rips yo
  3. we nicknamed this one kid white dragon cause he takes beast hits. and everytime he takes a huge hit he'll say "and thats why they call me white dragon".
  4. Honestly I wish I could remember the names we give each other... :smoking::smoking:
  5. See my Username. Alot of people call me Sleepy because I used to get baked and doze off at really bad times (ie, once in the middle of sex... :smoking:). The Shoegazer part is a double-meaning thing. I love Shoegaze music, and I check my shoes alot.. so I'm always gazing at my shoes.

    A friend of mine is now known as "China John".. know someone refered to as "Chubby" because he eats so much when he's high..
  6. LOL i have a friend like that...that smokes and dozes off practically standing up half the time...but we call him burn out lol cuz hes always so burnt out from burning fire lol
  7. A lot of my friends call me crackhead.
  8. LOL. Closest thing to stoner names for me is when my one friend get stoned....he always calls me the most RANDOM fucking names in the world....I will list the names I can remember him calling me

    -Andre the Giant

    -Christopher Columbus


    -Indiana Jones

    He calls me stupid fucking names.....for NO reason at all lol.
  9. some i can remember:

    iron lungz
    chief master
    think tank (b/c i have tendency to get philosophical and deep when high):smoking::smoking::smoking:
  10. Just like me except I am philosophical and deep all the time and when I am high I am super philosophical and deep. My dad teaches college level Philosophy.....so go figure
  11. tight, i love philosophy discussions, probably my fav thing to do when high:smoking::smoking:
  12. Everywhere I go, I bring trees in, so they started calling me Treezn'
  13. Agreed, but I love philisophical discussions sober or drunk also. Sadly I am still in HS and most of the people at my school are immature and shallow. College here I come!
  14. Iron lungs. :bongin::bongin:
  15. spaceman spiff, just cause when me and my friends get high, we say "you wanna go to the neptune" or whatever planet or thing you can think of in space haha
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    this isnt realy a stoner name but one day after smoking a fat j my friend decided he would call me a dildo....:confused: as you can imagine his was high as f**k when that happened and the name Dildo just stuck :D and i think it might be cos im really good with the ladies. and get more action than him so he sees me being used like a dildo if that makes sense??

  17. I bet he was just calling you a Dildo because its funny. Just because I'm clean my friends don't call me Douchebag.
  18. My actual name is Joe.

    Some call me Joe Blow. or Hy-Dro.
  19. Me and my two boys that I blaze wit everyday give each other ridiculous nick names to crack on each other.

    Me: Baby Johnson or ballsack
    Friend1: Sparkles or fag stick
    Friend2: Chubbs or Lamp shade
  20. Vacuum Lungs

    Yup. Basically I smoke hella weed.
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