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    I dunno if its been done, and I don't care!

    Post up your favorite stoner mixes. Everything is welcome, names and artists. Its kind of a social experiment to me and I wanna see what other blades are into. Could be good for all of us right?

    I'll start with mine:

    Ganja Babe-Michael Franti
    Jammin'-Bob Marley
    Money-Easy Star All-Stars
    Make You Crazy-Brett Dennen
    Tricky Nicky-Mike Pinto
    Three Little Birds-Bob Marley
    Crash Into Me-Dave Matthews Band
    Big Poppa-The Notorious B.I.G
    Comfortably Numb-Pink Floyd
    Touch of Grey-Grateful Dead
    Aint No Reason-Brett Dennen
    Dub Side of the Moon-Easy Star All-Stars
    Is this Love-Bob Marley
    San Fransico-Brett Dennen
    Whatever You Like Freestyle- Trey Songz ft. TI

    Peace out!:bongin:
  2. very sick sir! +rep

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