Stoner Luck.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by SotalyTober, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Today I was walking down my road going to pickup, and it had been a pretty

    shitty day because my plans got canceled ect.. so I was pretty bummed but

    I was happy I finally re-upped. On my way back home, i noticed somthing that

    looked like a metal tin, so I went and picked it up and it was a brand new bic.

    And on this bic it says "I don't do drugs, I just smoke weed."

    How fucking badass/lucky is that :smoke:

    Also heres a pic -

    ^not mine, but I'll post pics of the lighter and pickup soon !
    +maybe a G-bong milk vid?:hello:
  2. Far out, man. Nice lighter.
  3. Haha damn some kids mom probably found that in her son's room and got rod of it
  4. Yeah, that's probably what happened:rolleyes:. Or some stoner dude just got really stoned and just dropped it without realizing it. That's a pretty bad ass lighter. Wish I had one like it:D
  5. cool lighter
  6. I fuuckin lost it already, My plans got re-made lastnight and I left it at this party or someone stole it.

    I'm sad. :cry:
  7. Hey: easy come, easy go.....

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