Stoner Life...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Frank White, Feb 3, 2004.

  1. Ahh the stoner life is sooo good, them anti-marijuna people just dont dont know what theyre missing!

    im sooooo stoned,and this is the story of me getting stoned: i found my bong under my bed (?) and i got my bud and got stoned...

    Cali Orange is a pretty good strain, but why is it cali orange not congleton(my town) orange!??? that has a ring to it

  2. fuck yeah man! my one year aniversery with smoking weed is either feb 20th, 21st, or 22nd and its gonan be a big ass time. i learned in a year that i could be like, the Most improved player of the year, and if things keep goign this way i might be the smoker orf the year within the next, cause im the man. im the littlest known bud dealer in my school/area. everyone else keeps gettin this shitty shit from mexicans (no offence) and im just sittin back with my friends smokin the best tastin stuff around. dont get me wrong, we got some hardcore potent shitto buy too, but id rather get the awesome tasting stuff and have a great time smoking it over a long amount of time. besides, i cant control myself around the hardcore dank wed, i smoke so much... and i love the lifestyle of it!
  3. me too i would never stop smoking, my best friend is so against it its annoying she actually cried and said i changed soo much since i started, but its funny how i only started changing when she found out and not before that

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