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  1. i'm new to this place and i LOVE being able to have a place to read, learn, grow and understand. i am NOT a stoner, but am falling in love with one, and as much as i've tried, the weed does not treat me i want to be as much a part of his world as i can, and if i can't relate physically, maybe mentally i can share. there are some hurdles for me, and i have already posted. i look forward to reading more the "non judging" mentality of my stoner and hope that just as you all hate people who judge burners, you won't judge me as a non burner. on that there a vocabulary for beginners? haha. i know an awful lot, but there are still some words i read in the "pro's" section that escape me.
    cheers to y'all:smoke:
  2. Vocabulary:
    Fresh, fly, hot ,breezy, hash, ash catcher, resin, blown, bowl, carb, blunt, grinder, zig zag
  3. hey are you interested in ever toking? i wasnt at first but once i tried it i realized what why everyone was so interested. it opens your mind to new ideas

  4. ** i have...and i mentioned in my intro that it doesn't do for me what it apparently does for him...i'm jealous of that, actually. i get new ideas all the time, and don't need weed to do that for me. he says it makes everything better for him, and it's seems to be the opposite for me. i passed out cold the first time i smoked with him...lmao. he shares when i want it and one or two hits on his pipe is all i can handle. and never if i have to work, drive or be around my kids.. i'm pathetic. lol. i posted on a thread here that talks about a wife not getting it. i'd love for you to read that post. i'd link it if i understood how this site works better. i need to get past some of my hurdles in understanding and relating since my getting stoned as often as he does is not an option...sighhhhh
    thanks for replying, btw

  5. :)know fresh, hash, resin, blown, bowl, carb, blunt, grinder, zig zag. what is fly, hot, breezy, ash catcher and start. hee hee
  6. but hey, you're an understanding spouse for a start. that's a good thing! the only way is up.
  7. What do these words mean? I thought this was a place for lawn and lawn accessories enthusiasts?!
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    Ummm fly is super awesome, hot is just some Badass thing, breezy is hard to explain, ash catcher is a piece in a bong,dank is some super bomb weed

    I forgot schwag(cheapest weed), dro is some middle weed depending if it has colored hairs and highs would be kush and sour diesel and some blue dream
  9. I understand about the kids thing. i could never be high around a kid and feel good. and my moms friend is a huge pothead and i feel like he wouldnt be the way he is now if his mom wasnt such a stoner not that theres anything wrong with his mom i love her shes awesome
  10. Sounds like you need to not smoke that much - try very small sucks on a pipe with a very small amount, not what he does!

    If you go small and slow you should be fine - The problem with most new smokers is that they just over do it which spins you out or makes you sick.

    Trust me try a pinch of his weed, take a small puff and wait ten mins to see how you react :smoke:


  11. What type of weed were you smoking-sativa or indica? If one doesn't work for you, try the other.

  12. **thanks so very much. i had some of his purple kush...smooth:D

  13. ***i have no idea...LOL. but i will investigate. you mean it could make a difference on how it affects me....promising:cool:

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