Stoner girlfriends are awesome!

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  1. For the last week i'v just been getting blazed with my girlfriend then making cute little blonde babies with her, sex while high is the shit, but also a little awkward, it's sooooo sexy watching her just bun a j to herself :p she makes the cutest face when toking!
  2. you better cherish that big time bro.... ;)
  3. I loved smoking with my boy when I was with him. It was just chill as fuck and there were no worries or judgements made.
  4. Oh I love smoking with my girl! A bonding of the souls between two loved ones if you ask me! :)

  5. Thats LOVE for ya..! plus you got something in common too! and thats a plus

  6. I got the same thing. But my girl is just Friends with Benefits. It fucking rocks man, congrats.
  7. My ex was blonde, she has HPV now.

    Smoking too many pipes I guess.
  8. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmarrrijuaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    she had a moist vagina
  9. Everyone rep this dude! :p brilliant post!
  10. I just wanna find a cool female friend to burn with, as a female that grows this can be hard, so many women claim to smoke ,but after a bowl they are done :( and i'm very disapointed lmfao

    I can't date guys who don't smoke weed, do most of the women u guys date smoke weed? do u prefer women who burn and grow or women that don't?

  11. My girlfriend used to smoke a lot more. She smoked enough to get her card, but now she just smokes at night before bed. She usually only smokes with me. I definitely prefer a girl that smokes, but not too much. For some reason I find it unattractive, even though I smoke a lot myself.

  12. Don't worry girl, I feel for you. :p I need more girls to smoke with, although my best friend does smoke as much as me so that is nice. But seriously, I am getting just a TAD bit tired of being the only chick smoking with a bunch of dudes.
  13. Smoke and Fuck = Awesomeness!
  14. damn straight they are! My lady was a pot-zi when wew started dating but now she has imbraced it and she loves it it helps with her head aches and extremem stomach pain. I love me a quiet personal burn but nothin comes close to burnin one down with the woman you love HOLLA!!!:hello:
  15. this whole stoner chick thing is annoying and is just pissing me off now.

    why the fuck cant ALL of you just smoke up and end this problem for both men and women once and for all!?!

  16. :smoke: Haterz gon' hate.:smoke:
    :wave: Kingsmo isn't on the level. :wave:
  17. The youth... (kingsmo) can't even hack the level it's as simple as that! :wave:

  18. Why can't EVERYONE in the world smoke? The world would be so much more of a peaceful place... Forget focusing on trying to get more girls to smoke, lets try to get EVERYONE to smoke.
  19. Word up! :D
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    you're the only person who got my post.

    the rest were just too eager to use internet slang and assume shit.

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