Stoner Cyprian Fish and Chip Shop Workers! ! ! !

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  1. Haha speaking of Cyprus the other day i went to pick up with my mate from his work place ( a fish and chip shop) and we went upstiars and inside a room was all the other people who work at the fish and chip shop which happened all to be Cyprian'sanyways we went sat down and get our deal sorted then my mates boss comes in and sits down then we got him to roll us a spliff the biggest me and my mate have ever seen in our lives with rizlas we got for him jamaican rum,blueberry and strawberry was the best tasting spliff i've ever had anyways after another couple of spliffs a guy came in the room sat down and my mate explained this was the bosses brtoehr he had a box full of paraphernalia and stuff and a bag which he emptied onto the table about a ounce of good bud i was drooling and my mate was like O_O neways he went down stairs microwaved it because he was going on bout making it more dense and we spliffed and spliffed got so high then i went to my mates house and slept and waked and baked...

    Amazing day am high right now so my spelling and grammar and shit mite be fucked...

    Happy Spliffing :smoke:
  2. Anyone know about that microwaving thing and does it make the weed better???
  3. never heard of it :confused:
  4. Sounds good man , i wish i new some fish and chip shop owners that deal the green stuff from uk too by the way..nice to see another uk person here .

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