Stoner Cuisine Ideas

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by FiveOnIt, May 10, 2010.

  1. Well, last night I got pretty high with some of my homies, and we went to the kitchen. I look around the kitchen and find graham crackers, and marshmellows, but no chocolate. I was getting the munchies pretty bad after eating a little bit of chips, so I asked the owner of the house where the chocolate bars were and we could roast s'mores in his fire place. This is how the conversation went
    "Hey buddy, you got any chocolate? I wanna make s'mores."
    "Nah dude hahahaha, but I got chocolate ice cream?"

    Then immediately, we knew we were genius'. We made s'mores with ice cream instead of chocolate, and I'll be damned, they were delicious. We like to call them Icy S'mores, or Stoner S'mores. Anyone else have any cuisine ideas they tried out when they were baked?
  2. im doing this now
  3. I once ate a Snickers bar by dipping it in vanilla pudding.

    It was awesome.
  4. Always thought poptarts with ice cream in between like a icecream poptart sandwhich would be delicious
  5. How'd you like it tommy? and wow that sounds amazing right now, brb store run.
  6. Last weekend, my friends and I were raiding the fridge for some snacks and stumbled across a package of twenty four pierogies. We decided not to boil them and just fried them right there on the spot with mass amounts of butter and we threw all types of seasoning on them.
    They were DANK!:smoking:

    When we finished them we did the exact same thing with a box of 60 Totino's Pizza Rolls. lol.

    Morale of the story, if you can, fry your food, it will taste delicious!
  7. just bought a deepfryer last month!

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