Stoner Chicks

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by dmb1357, Jan 18, 2004.

  1. Well hello anyone from alabama?Chicks preferably
  2. Welcome to the city.. Not from alabama or a chick, but welcome any way!
  3. ha thanks it seems we share a love for stoner chicks huh?
  4. Welcome to the city :D
  5. thanks i belive il make myself at home, everyones very nice here
  6. Whats with all the posts about chicks? This isnt a find a date site ya know....
  7. yueah i know, just dont have many girls who toke around here , so itd be nice to find out if they actually exist.

  8. We do. Believe me, we do. I just checked an hour ago, and as of then I am still a girl, and a stoner. (I didn't need to check on the stoner part ;))
  9. ^^^ haha, made me laugh :)

    and I'm not even high..
  10. So long as all my plants are "chicks" i'm in heaven!

    Welcome to THE City...
  11. Welcome to the City!

    I just checked and, I too, am a girl. I'm already stoned but I'll hit another bowl so I can be for sure that I'm a stoner, too. ;)
  12. Welcome! I'm not a chick at last check. Let me check again...

    *looks between legs*

    Yup, definitely not a chick. :D

    Enjoy the City! We're glad to have you on board! :wave:
  13. Man stoner chicks are kill man. I love them to death. I sure am glad my gf is a stoner. Don't think I could go out with one that wasn't. Stoner Chicks are the shit.

  14. not from alabama but am a chick and i sure do toke

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