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  1. This was a new formation of a bowl my friends and I made up tonight haha.

    You put a ball of rez on the bottom. On top of that you put one type of dank, then you put another ball of rez, then on top of that you put another type of dank. Then you have a ball of rez to top it off! If you light it the ball of rez will keep the rest of the weed lit so you don't have to keep lighting it. We called the bowl setup "The Stonehenge" for some reason haha... idk it got us blazed though! :smoke:

    I'm sure somebody has came up with a simalar idea before, but I just wanted to recommend trying to make a bowl like this... It's great!
  2. Its not the greatest tasting thing in the world but when theres not much Bud left me n my buddies smoke spliff bowls n if not then just straight up bowls of tobacco.

    It is real gross but it gives you an insaneee headrush and is like smoking 100 cigs in once breath lol
  3. Replace the Rez with Hash n call it "STONEDHEDGE". :smoke:
  4. Haha that would be nice! Ahh finding new ways to smoke weed and change it up is so fun :D
  5. I know! I still have yet to Master the Art of smoking, Grasshopper. :smoke:

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