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Stoned Working at a Haunted Attraction

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HellsHippie, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. #1 HellsHippie, Oct 21, 2014
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 21, 2014
    So I got a Job at Mountain of Terror In North Carolina as a actor this year!...I loved to get stoned before work then scare the hell out of people.I Have never used or touched make-up in my life and they wanted me to be a evil clown in there fun house.Its a black lighted room thats looks insane you come across in your hour long journey through our haunted woods!!...Its actually built on a mountain which hundreds of miners died in a cave in years ago!.I would love to see some of my GC buddys come by and check us out this year!.What do you think about my makeup!...This picture is after work and Im eating at the waffle house with the munchies lol! so makeup a little smudged and less bloody.What do you think of my first make-up job?....Note..I actually shaved both my eyebrows,perma died my hair bleach blonde,purple,and pink,and shaved half my beard and mustash off!  Hells Hippie goes hard in the paint son!
    By the way Im running around with 9 foot long log chains weighing 42lbs each.Slamming them around so hard they spark of each other!...It seems to really freak people out ...Ive had people run so fast they fell,Made a woman faint,and plenty of kids cry so far lol....Its a really really fun job as a stoner lol!!

  2. Sounds like fun man but, I wouldn't of gone as far to shave my eyebrows haha. Is the pay good? Scaring the shit outta people while stone for money sounds sweet haha.
    It pays 8 bucks a hour...But money doesnt motivate me in life.Memories and enjoyment does :).
  4. Hell yeah dude. Up here in Jersey my buddy has the same job, Killer Clown at Fright Fest in NJ. Usually he's high scaring people, and I'm high going through lol
  5. Thats an added extra. Just buy you more bud. Priorities straight I see.
  6. Hell yeah lol...its always fun being stoned in a clown room haha
  7. Pretty dope but isnt min wage $9 now? Always good to hear from the Hippie
  8. in NC its actually 7.25 a hour bro lol ...Hell 9 years ago it was 5.25 and hour in NC so thats actually a big improvment
  9. I wonder what you look like without the makeup lol.
    You can be sued if somebody has a heart attack because of you. They (mountain of terror) should make people sign some kind of discaimer to protect themselves. Have fun!
  10. Dude that's legit, you look dope! :) as old school said, you should post some pics without the
  11. That is pretty awesome.  I went to something similar in my state and I can image the fun being stoned as fuck lol.

    This. The one I went to had disclaimers as well so I would hope the one OP was working at had that.

    Not that big of an improvement cuz in reality, you can not live off of min. wage. Especially if you live alone.
  12. Nice paint, OP! :D
    I worked a few years at a haunted house when I was a teenager. Actually, more mountain than house, like yours. I was a psycho hillbilly, a miner, a prisoner, a horned demon, a bunch of crazy shit! The prisoner setup was probably my favorite, with the shackles and cell and all.
    Weekend nights, once the attraction shut down for the night, we'd all head down to the main building, break out the booze and weed and have a monster party! Great times :smoke:

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