stoned videos?

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  1. now, all of us have hilarious times smoking..but do you have any videos of this?? lol me and about 5 other people were crammed in a closet and we had a wine game blunt, a king size zigzag, and a grape primetime filled with bud, and during the middle of smoking, i had a dry cough and puked in the middle of the circle...epically hilarious video.
  2. lol funny story, but I do not have any of me stoned. However apparently one still exists of me and my buddy tripping on shrooms, I should get around to getting my hands on that sometime soon.
  3. no one? thread

  4. I think I've had video taken of me without permission - I saw it later. I was cheeching a blunt and pushed the biggest smoke ball out of my mouth and sucked it right back in - better than Snoop Dawg.

    Also, my friends and I left me a message on my cell phone whilst tripping on shrooms. The message made no sense. :smoking:
  5. Tons but I ain't putting them on the internet until it is legalized. A lot of them are really funny. I am very good at catching people on film without them knowing and getting them on it at the funniest moments.

    I let them know after though of course and usually they don't care.
  6. Good on you for letting 'em know. I can't stand when people record me when I'm smoking/stoned for no reason. Last thing someone needs is that shit winding up on YouTube. At least, it's the last thing I need.
  7. I have a code of honor with those videos for real. Not until it is legalized, everyone in the videos agreed too.

    And yeah I'm no asshole I don't blackmail people either. I see that as wrong.
  8. Something more people need to come to adapt to. +rep.
  9. i'm sure i been caught in some pics that i don't know about. but i don't think i'm on video anywhere.
  10. [ame=]YouTube - Wildcard Bitches[/ame]
  11. LOL best vid ever.

    you should upload your circle video.
  12. nahh lol im gana have to agree with psychoperson not until its legalized...but maybe if someone pms me cuz i got it on mediafire

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