stoned to watch movie?

Discussion in 'General' started by chiefcheef, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. i know its backwords i did it onperposs...well down to my last nug and thinkin of goin to the theater to watchin a movie stoned! anyone have and sugguestions rite now i got my heart set on inside man i read the reviews and it looks pretty excitin anyone from south florida fort lauderdale area wanna go watch it with me? im probably goin bymyself i have no friends
  2. Yeah I work at the movie theater and I was checkin out Inside Man every once in a while, it looked pretty sweet.
  3. did they drug test u when u applyed ther?
  4. ya thats a good question...did they?
  5. wow and i also jus checked out the movies online...there really isnt anything good out?? mayb i jus havent seen many commercials as of late.... go see an IMAX movie...if they got a theater near ya
  6. v for vendetta was pretty good
  7. jus stay home and rent shit..........South Park the movie is fuckin hilarious...constantly funny u'll love it if u've not already seen it
  8. No they didnt drug test, in fact I usually go to work stoned.

    V for Vendetta kicked ass, I saw it twice. Stay Alive SUCKED, I only got to see half of it but from what I saw and what others told me it was horrible.
  9. V for Vendetta was alright, i though the ending was gay though..
  10. yea i have to agree. i thought there were definatly a lot of flaws, like way to much explanation at times and the fact that the mask made it hard for whoever played v to act. but, the movie made me think, and i can't say that about many other movies ive seen recently.
  11. Spiderman on IMAx was unbelivable.
  12. was it? We were thinkin of goin to the imax but couldnt decide which movie.

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