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Stoned, pilled, and caucasioned.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by smokinokie, Apr 7, 2003.

  1. Despite the occasional bout with the pounding jaw, had a most wonderful time camping at the hills! The weather chose not to cooperate. Cold and windy Fri night and most of Saturday, then it warmed up and a gave me a thunderstorm to fall asleep to. I'd ordered one earlier, I'm glad it showed up on time! Had a great view of the valley, a fireplace at my back, stoned, pilled, and caucasioned. That means lots of weed, Lortab, and Patch kept me in White Russians, so it got a little drunk both nights. "If you're gonna be hurtin anyway, ya might as well be drunk." My grandma had that needle pointed on her wall. She fell down a lot.

    Spent Fri. night hopelessly mired in an abundence of estrogen, so me and dog went on a late night stroll thru the woods to open meadow. The moon was a cheshire cat smiling thru the trees, red. You know it's spring when the prairie catches fire and everything is yellow at noon, and orange in the evening. Get really red moons, sunrises, and sunsets when that happens. But just to be safe, I STILL throw rocks and spears at them until they change back to the right color.

    Dog jumped up some deer in the meadow, and the chase was on. Lost him for about 20 minutes. You ever need to fill up your senses, go do some woods time in the dark, by yourself, listening for something. Instead of something, you hear everything! Finally he emerged from the treeline, tongue out, looking happy. Because he'd seen all the assorted meat cuts waiting for the grill back at the cabin, and knew that not catching some dinner the hard way, did'nt mean that one had to go hungry.

    As much fun as that was, it's nice to plant your ass in your own chair when ya get back.
  2. That was beautiful!
  3. You are talking about camping kind of bush are'nt ya?:p:)
  4. *grins with crooked face*

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