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Discussion in 'Pets' started by tokintilchokin, Nov 11, 2001.

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  1. Hello

    This is my first post. haha. I wanna smoke. But I can\'t :( can\'t get to my stash. Anyway, i was just wondering if there were any negative side effects to getting a pet (a dog, about 20 pounds) high and how long it would last if i did it. Also the best method of getting it high would be good too.

    Alright, later everyone

    tokin til chokin
  2. Hey there...and welcome!!
    I used to have a cat that we got high once in a while.
    Her name was we had to. I didn\'t do it very
    may times though-she\'d get totally frieked out and go hide
    until the buzz was gone!!!
  3. Its the funniest thing when dogs get stoned.Im still a newbie smoker(iv been smoking since beginning of october) but when me and my friends got my friends dog Scooter high he was fucking funny.He started fucking te cat and the cat wasnt tripping but had a funny look on her face.O yea did i mention that the cat was 19 YEARS OLD !!!! LOL.So later the cat came back and started rubbing against Scooter and Scooter was like \"No cat I forgot about you\" and like \"Go away bitch\".It was funny shit cuz me,martin and alex were all stoned while watching this all and we were laughing our asses off!!!!!!
  4. you could place a cat in a paper bag and blowem hits:), but i really dont think your animal would appreciate it very much. i believe there might be the occasional pet that MIGHT hang out for the buzz but i think holding your favorite pals face and blowing them a shotgun isnt a very nice thing to do folks., an i KNOW at least ONEof ya has done your smoke for yourself and leave your furry pals alone! this is how to have cool stoner pets :<an i gotta realll cool one, not even ugly:p ......smoke yourself stupid then pocket a handful of doggie treats. its now time to learn a new trick....***for your pet not stop eating the treats*i spose you people with cats...just go ahead and putem in a large paper grocery sack an playwithem anyway ya want :).
    anyway im sure your pet would love much more to learn a new trick then to be wrestled into a shotty...\'should see some of the crap my dog can do :)
  5. Cool thread. I\'never smoke alone I\'ve always partied with my dog. Would you smoke a joint and not give your best friend a hit? My current beast was bought from the pound and sold as a boston terrier. I got him high, just by blowing my hit on him from the begining and now I\'ve got a 65 pound pitt bull. It must have been the weed! I had friend whose dog would get excited when the bong came out. I think if you give it to them easy and not too much they like it.

    I\'ve had no luck getting cats high. I blow\'em a toke, they twitch a little and go hide. Probably paranoid.
  6. Listen stupid, what gets people off, most of the time is wasted on animals.
    Think of it this way, do you run after cars, drink from puddles or tear apart the sofa with nothing but your fingernails?
    Of course not.
    Well your pets are not like you either.
    I say, offer all you want, but if they DON\'T take it themselves and you have to hold them down, you have to ask yourself if they really want it at all.
    Picture that you are just sitting there minding your own business, when somebody about 20 times your size, pins you down and forces a huge cloud of smoke from burning leaves, into your mouth.
    First thing you will do is stop inhaling right.
    Same for them.
    You can lead a horse to water, but you can\'t make them drink.
    If you think that ANY of it got to the lungs, you\'re more stupid than your \"dumb\" pet.
    They sure fooled you didn\'t they.
    As for acting weird, it\'s my experience that ALL animals act weird according to our standards.
    Maybe it\'s us who act weird.
    After all YOU don\'t roll on dead worms or chase catnip, do you.
  7. Hmmmm Never got a pet stoned before but rather than wrestling the poor animal about and forcing them 2 take a hit,may I suggest getting a hotbox going and letting ur pet in.If it wants 2 leave it can sit by the door,if it likes the taste of dope then it will just sit der getting mellow.:)
  8. why,why,why?..... is this always an issue
    seriously, do you really think your pets WANT to get high?umm.....probably not.
    know this, for those of you who ARE chasing your pals and wrestling them into shotguns, they secretly hate you and they think about it at night while your sleeping :eek: hehe
    i just know these things.....
  9. My Cat?
    Weird. He sniffs our 2-footer and meows at \"daddy\" until he takes a rip sometimes, did that last nite! hehe. He comes into a room when we\'re smoking, always. He\'s a little contact high stoner cat.
    Anything that chills that lil spazzball out, I am more than happy to give to him. He doesn\'t particularly like smoke being blown in his ear, we tried that once and he got kinda annoyed, like why are you so close to my face nerd, so we don\'t really try that anymore, but he does enjoy a super smokey room, and gets this funny lil sleepy-kitty look on his face and purrs like a motor.

    Don\'t get me wrong. I would never do anything to hurt my lil Biddy. He jumped out of a 2-story window one night and ran away, and I cried until he came back - pathetic, I know, but I love the lil guy and was scared for him. He came back at 3:30 am, and I was up listenin for him and he came back inside. He is so spoiled, worse than that cat in the Get Fuzzy cartoon.

    Anyway~ I agree... Don\'t get your animal high if he doesn\'t want to. If he\'s down with it, fine, but please don\'t automatically assume he is. I don\'t know if our Biddy actually gets stoned by contact, but he sure acts like it. I wouldn\'t force him to sit with us while smoking, just like I don\'t make my best friend smoke pot because he doesn\'t like it.
    Be good to your pets! They are your companions and trust you to be good to them :)
  10. Could be that it\'s NOT the pet getting stoned, but the owner.
    We all tend to see things different when we are high, maybe some people think they see their pets all screwed up, when in fact the real stoner is the one blowing the hit.
    Remember, what\'s anoying ot some, becomes hilarious when we\'re stoned.
    After all, how many of us went into fits of laughter when really ripped, while the straight folk just glared at us for being \"silly\".
    It\'s all in how you look at it and believe me when I say, pets have a view on the world that MOST of us just can\'t understand.
    Keep in mind that they know where you sleep and you really don\'t want them to carry a grudge.
    Ever wake up to the smell of shit comming from your closet or in your headphones?
    Trust me, you learn what not to do this
    Anyway, the next time you are tempted to waste your dope on a cat or dog, put it in an envelope and send it to me instead.
    Hell, I\'ll even pay the stamp.
    As a return favor, I\'ll send you some catnip or some milk bones.
    Ever goof on a cat on catnip?
    Now that ROCKS.
  11. Getting Pets stoned is very funny man. I get my Dog Snoop high regularly so when i blaze he comes to my door and scratches till i let him it and blow smoke at him. He loves it. One time he mistook a chair for a bitch so that chair has been burned. Anyways the reason for this post is dont smoke your pet unless u KNOW that he/she likes it K>?


    Don\'t Drink and Drive smoke and FLY!!
  12. Absolutly, My buddy has a cat that loves to sit and get a contact, he actually gets pissed if them room clears out before he is properly sedated. I used to have a cat that loved blackberry brandy. But forcing it on them? All of us have a buddy or two that don\'t smoke and we don\'t hold them down and blow smoke at them until they are stoned.
  13. Much respect man so true man so true! Thats what i was trying to say man. Getting willing pets stoned is one thing forcing it onthem is another! :)
  14. I once had a stoned iguana. My friend gave a psilocybin mushroom to it. It was scared as hell, it kept running around everywhere for a couple minutes, then it hid under the couch for like 4 hours.
  15. Poor critter.

    Maybe he hid from you because he hated you for what you let your friend do to him and was planning his revenge on you.

    Good thing they\'re too stupid to remember things for too long.
  16. Well, I think giving psychedelics to ANYTHING that doesnt fully know what theyre in for is wrong.
    That said, my dog loves getting blew out. He\'ll sit on my lap, and try to lick my mouth as I exhale smoke.
    oh, and bigbamboo, weed may very well have an effect on animals. The basic components of the mamillian central nervous system are fairly standard, including the same number of lobes and all...
    not that I know much from nuerochemistry, but I know that much...
  17. Hey, I know, I know. I\'ve found through extensive research the best way to get small pets high is to take the cone shaped glass top from an oil lamp and slip it over their nose. For larger pets I\'ve found the easiest way is to blow your toke in their ear.
  18. Hey guys,

    Thanks for the replies. Didn\'t really think I\'d get any. Anyways, yeah, the only reason i asked is because the dog is hyper as a motherfucker. haha. Not really sure on what to do, probly just gonna leave it alone. Thanks for all the advice.

  19. I smoke with my dog Duke all the time, he is a bull mastiff, at first I would try to blow the smoke in his face, but I felt like he wasn\'t getting the full effect of it because the smoke was going everywhere, so I designed this mask that I put on him and blow hits to him, he loves it, if anyone want to buy it send; $14.95 to Dukes Friend 132 So.St.Paul MN 55075
    free s/h
    I have an ad coming out in the February issue of High Times which comes out on Dec. 26

  20. Probably hyper because he/she is still a pup. Probably just in the head, but the body will tell it when to slow down.
    Try some Potassium Nitrate in his kibble.
    It won\'t slow him down, but it will stop him from looking for something he doesn\'t understand yet.
    This is the major cause of overactive dogs, they are out to screw something, but they don\'t know what, when or how.
    \"Salt peter\" is used to slow the sex urges and it will not hurt the pet.
    It\'s recomended for dogs, pigs, and pot plants (high nitrogen, good when mixed with fertilizer) and over sexed prisoners in the past.
    That\'s right, it also works on frustrated young men.
    All that and it\'s available at most Wallmarts in the pharmacy dept, right beside the calmine lotion.
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