Stoned Machines

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by thccrystals, Jan 27, 2004.

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  1. Watch out, they are fixing to take over the planet and rid it of humans. They will grow lots of weed and use it to maintain their status of well-oiled(resinated?) machines. I\'m bored as fuck, maybe I\'ll go blaze and watch Family Guy, even weirder shit happen on that show.

  2. there seems to be a wrench in your spokes of resinated machinery theory..
    what does their well-oiled status exactly mean to them!??

  3. more lubrication, means less friction... c\'mon you shoulda known that... ;)

    those machines want to be runnin slippery smoooth as can be...ahhhhhhh :D
  4. we will defeat them by out stoning them :D they will crawl away in shame of being beaten by puny humans :D P

  5. in that case im helping

  6. Me too. Tonight\'s the night people, we have to show these machines who\'s boss(weedboss should get his ass in here cause they wouldn\'t know what to do). I\'ve got my laundry going now, but I have a funny suspicion about the machine. It had red button that are usually white.
  7. I like sitting on the dryer and smoking out. It\'s warm :)

    it would never turn against me, would it?

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