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stoned first time in 4mo

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ImPakelika, Sep 21, 2002.

  1. smokeing weed. Finnaly after months of being virtually dry. This bowl goes out to everyone who cant get high.
  2. Thanks dude - hopefully I'll get some tomorrow...

    4 month though? Thats harsh....enjoy ;)
  3. No shit and I thought I had it bad when the last time I smoked was thursday and I thought I had it bad. I hope that bowl burnt forever and got you tore the fuck up.

    Trippie J
  4. I know how you feel, tomorrow is gonna be the first time I'll be able to buy my own weed in about a month (a long time for me). Just waiting for it to dry, too bad I can only afford a half at the moment
  5. man i got plenty more where it came from. Evidently a old friend of mine planted a few seeds off in someones abandoned corn field at the beginning of summer. And we went out there harvested his plants and he hooked me up with a fat 1/2 oz. So im pretty happy right now, smokeing a bowl.
  6. Dude either tomorrow or the next day will be my first time smoking in like 3 and a half weeks. which is an eternity in the summer for me, so I'm going to get fucking tore up, i'm going to start a thread and who ever responds to it, I will smoke a bowl for and try to type something out hahah.
  7. Smoking after non-smoke for 4 months, that must be something.

    Have fun. :smoke:
  8. yeah... i hear ya... yesterday was my first time since ... about september
  9. shit, why aren't you guys smokin'?
  10. i havent smoked in 2 months :(

    I think i actually forgot what weed smells/tastes like, i think i even forgot how to roll
  11. eh... got caught. so i quit until i was told that it was a mistake and my brothers gf didnt think he would have reacted to it that way. so he thinks i dont smoke anymore and its all cool now. the only problem is that i always have to leave my house to do it cause out of respect for my father i refuse to smoke there until he is better( he is 76 and has a mere 7 toes due to an operation...

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