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  1. "peace piece: the exquisite narrative of a peaceful soul"
    to be performed as a soliloquy in the person of a jazz song.
    By: Me

    Characters: a 1960s jazz piano piece written by Bill Evans
    Time: The present instant
    Place: The present beauty

    Peace Piece (on the floor of his Manhattan studio apartment): There's nothing so telling like the efficiency of the universe when it takes up the labour to shatter so finely the world in which the jovial dream-palace of a conscious being was built. Sorrow does set his black cloak upon the greatest of women and men, and his maidservant rids the world of prepetual peace one broken spirit at a time. Here enters the autumn of the dispossesed, the fickle, and the unsuspecting, ravaging from their arms their dreams as a still-born infant. What sense is a world in which the Mind cannot wheel itself to navagate a voyage an infinate times the size of the Pacific? This is Man's hope--a newborn ordained captain by existence itself; an off-white canvas on which to paint the SOUL with strokes of sincerity and also absurdity. To create in the comet's tail of the Masters or of the postmodernists is choice constrained by time and reason, but to create in the instant of one's own Mind is shackled only by the Mind itself. It begs a freedom so beautiful and unsuspecting that it blows wide the rat-hole door of the world. But habit begs an erupting revolution, and the Mind will see itself ballroom dancing among electric vibrating waves of sound--the music of a single-man jazz quartet in a full void trying to make sense of the contradictions. It is common knowledge that the vapid space in which the universe floats is not empty at all since the smallest birthing atoms indeed labour in these fields. I mask myself a goat. Our brilliant Minds may clothe it as a dagger. All remains still. But this is it, and the lifespan of this infinite-year-old child called Life is ever expanding. Lift now Body off this floor, spring is here, and the time to sail is come.

    (Peace Piece stands up into great ship and still wakes up as a fresh-water dolphin every day).


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