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Stoned at Work

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by KronosX, Apr 16, 2002.

  1. I was a little bit high at work today and I drew this random picture. Used the scanner at my desk to upload it. Ah the blatant disregard for company resources.

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  2. Does he have a name ?

  3. No, but if you guys think of a name for him lemme know
  4. Baxter, his name should most definitely be Baxter
  5. his lastname should be Bater .....Baxter Bater ...lol....Damn im SO high..........
  6. Here's another one i drew.

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  7. and another (work is boring):

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  8. Heh, this is becoming an every day thing. I don't really care that nobody is replying.

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  9. That one should be named marselo.
  10. or how about big scary bastard? :D
    great drawings!
  11. LMAO @ ganjaphish!!!!!!

    cool drawings Kronos!! I always wanted to draw, but they all turn out like chicken scratching!! LOL, so I guess I'll just have to be happy with music as my "art"!! :smoking:
  12. The third one should be called "Wigit Green" After all look at his eyes you know he smokes. Good lookin drawins =)
  13. Hey it's Monday and I'm at work. You know what that means.

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  14. I work on a website, updating it and adding new products and shit. A lotta times my boss is out of the office and some of the times I am left without an assignment so I just draw stuff at my desk and then scan it on my scanner.
  15. another slow day today...

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