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Stoned at Carowinds

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by schwartz91, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. A long time ago back when I was still a teenager, my friends and I went to Carowinds. Only one of the friends I went with smoked, so I brought some weed, and smoked a couple of bowls somewhere where no one could have seen us. We had a blast... but would you guys have taken the risk of getting caught? My parents weren't there and it wasn't very crowded. If you were fifteen at the time, would you have done it? I just want to know if this seems a little risky to you guys or very. POST 100!!!
  2. What's Carowinds?
  3. IVe been to carowinds u ride the vortex or cyclone and please tell me you road thunder road
  4. I smoked at celebration station before. Haha the go carts were the shit. I havnt been to an amusment park in years. I plan on going to all the rollercoasters at bush garden while blazed.
  5. Hell yea, I rode everything... Busch Gardens is the shit, I've had some fun times there aswell. PEAAAAACEEEE! Sorry, I just smoked a bowl. Keep it real everyone.:cool:
  6. Theres a Kings Dominion about 45min away from here. Bush Gardens is farther, but i'm not sure by how much.
  7. I went to busch gardens 2 weeks ago, stoned off my ass on a space brownie, and I had a kickass time. Eating your ganja b4 theme parks would be the way I would have gone. But I wouldn't ahve smoked on park property either way, don't wanna get kicked out doncha know.
  8. hell yes i would have done that, carowinds is the shit when you're blazed...scarowinds, trip shrooms before's some crazy shit
  9. me and a few buds went to carowinds with the high school on every-fucking-other-school-carowinds-day...lotta people. but the south exit wasnt watched at all so we left and circled around to the parking lot. it was a long we just hopped in one of the nicer charter buses (comfy seats - etc.) and had a sweet smoke. drop zone scared the fuck out of me though.
  10. whoa.. i've never even imagined doing roller-coasters while blazed..
    it just never occured to me (i guess i haven't been smoking long enough and haven't thought of it)

    fucking shit... talk about a HUGE body high... seems like some could freak out
  11. I'm going to Worlds of Fun next week...maybe I'll eat a brownie or two before I go in
  12. Yeah I'd eat a brownie. They are completely uncool and I'd hate to get caught smoking on their property. I have issues with that place for political reasons.

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