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Stoned at a lock-in

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sirtokealot17, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Ok so I'm a pretty novice smoker, but I bought a half ounce like a week ago and I've smoked like 3/4 of it in less than a week, which is a LOT of weed for me.
    Anyway, yesterday I made some firecrackers and took them with me to a church lock-in (irony!!)

    And they got me so fucking blazed that I was yelling out the craziest shit and writhing on the floor in maniacal laughter.

    We were hanging out in this completely black gym and I thought it was SO cool. then we started spinning and trying to fight each other, it was the craziest thing ever.

    I was just amazed at how weed made my night fucking sweet because I wasn't afraid of acting weird, which i definitely did. I'm a little embarrassed now, but it was the best time I've ever been high.
  2. lol, respect to you sir.
  3. Dude! Tomorrow night I have a lock in at a church too!! I'm gonna get baked before but i don't think i'll be able to make any firecrackers
  4. what the hell is a lock in?
  5. Lol, sleepover at a church locked in.
  6. LOL! we used to have those at some teen clubs back in the day. the place would be loaded with black lights, and they would play al house, techno and that lil kid boyband crap. but it was fun when i was young, i wasnt into drugs at this time (nor am i now) just in between then and now LOL. but i couldnt imagine a lock in when i was tore.... u musta had a heck of a time :) :)
  7. Lol. i remember they use to have lockins at peter piper for like middle school kids but high school kids would go and fuck everything up
  8. they wouldnt let u into ours with out a school id card. they would have different schools on different nights. so there wasnt any fighting this and that. and it was only 14-18 yr olds allowed, if u were 19+ and still in HS u missed out
  9. Yess definitely smoke before. I liked the firecrackers because I didn't smell, plus they last longer and I could eat them during
  10. I've never been to a lock-in. Sadface :(

    I'm glad you had a good time though. It's great when you don't have to worry about looking like a dumb ass and do whatever you want.
  11. i love this story +rep for sharing an awesome experience:smoke::hello:
  12. lol thanks. What made it better was that at 4 in the morning, everyone looks stoned out of their mind, so I blended in.

  13. lmfao!!!! that shit made me laugh..hehe :D:cool:
  14. Nice!

    Lock ins were sick back in the day. I wish I would have known about the wonders of MJ back then.
  15. Lol yeah, truth or dare was fucking crazy because i thought it was so funny.
  16. cool. but your soundin like some novice shit man.
    writhing on the ground in maniacal laughter?? please.:poke:
  17. I's a fucking lock-in with a bunch of high school kids running around. I would be pretty close to doing that sober.

    So fuck you. Plus I already said that I was a novice.
  18. He he he. My first time blazing was on a church trip. And I was doing pretty much the same thing you are. Acting a fool! But it was fun as shit.

    On a sad note, my first time ever getting busted by the po was on a church trip as well.

  19. alright. way to come onto a forum and start throwin around "fuck yous". i was actually really mellow compared to some of the dickheads that lurk around here. so have fun gettin groped by kids in a church locked in. that sounds awesome.

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