Stoned and want a good listen? check my boy

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    check out my friend bryan, he's getting really good.

    if anyone is diggin it' feel free to express your opinion.

    I have some of his old tracks that aren't posted on the website, if you dig what he's got uploaded then hit me up with a PM if you're interested in more :)

    just trying to get his name out there
    lovin' his music and always anxious for new tracks.

    stay up blades:smoke:
  2. bump^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  3. I didnt smoke yet today, but livin' it up is pretty good..kinda got a kanye vibe

    I'll totally listen to it after I blaze later...
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    def kanye vibe, sounded good.

    Edit: Freestyle 3, was really good.
  5. yeah, he's 19 and in college
    i've loved all the music he's made honestly
    he's different then alot of crap they put out today

    thanks for some replies

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