StoneColdChilla's Guerilla Grow 2009 [Insert Cannabis Growing Pun Here]

Discussion in 'Outdoor Grow Journals' started by StoneColdChilla, May 29, 2009.

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    Here it is kids finally. I know Ive been talking about it a lot, but up until now my camera wouldn't work for some reason. I planted these girls March 26th in my basement and transplanted them April 22nd, and here they are today. I have 3 right now, One died. And now 2 more are on the way, in a new location. Started on 60W and 40W Fluoros and moved outside.

    I would like to thank everyone on the GC grow forums for helping me with this so far.

    I have problems on some of these plants so any input would be very valued, and constructive criticism is welcomed but don't be to harsh on me now! :p

    This is very hard for me to do under my circumstances and I wanna thank everyone for there support so far!

    Enough words here are the pics.

    Plant 1


    Plant 2


    Plant 3 Gone but never forgotten

  2. hey stonecold, everything is looking great!:wave:

    just a little more input would be great. what kind of soil are growing in, what strain are your plants, are you planning on feeding, etc...

    just a little more detail on your grow. other than that things are lookin green. grow on! ill be taking a seat for this one:wave::bongin:
  3. Thanks for stoppin by pal.

    Ive pretty much been using regular old potting soil, bagseeds and some 3 dollar nutes I bought from Walgreen's, I'd love to get some super white widow purple monster big bud bomb weed seeds but I just can't afford it.. Shoot if I had money I wouldn't be growing outside at all!

    I'm going to splurge for some good insecticides because my mothballs all melted, Gonna put them in a cup this time. And maybe find some better organic nutes.
  4. yeah i feel ya on the tight budget. but your plants are looking pretty good considering the low budget shit your using. if i were you ide try and look for som fish emulsion or something at your local nursery. its only about 7 bucks and is a great fertilizer. if you have any questions dont be afraid to ask.:wave:
  5. Alright man thanks for the help I think ill try to pick some up.
  6. your plants are looking amazing. Props to you

  7. yeh I havent had any problems with the Schultz, its 10 15 10 which is perfect for flowering
    you got any white hairs yet? my female has got some nice buds after a month outside
  8. White hairs on two and three but nothin yet on one. God I hope its not a male.

    But there still five months left :smoking:
  9. Plant three is deceased :(

  10. what happened?:eek:
  11. Well earlier this season it suffered a broken stem, In the pics I had it on a stick attatched to some bread ties and it was holding up fine and I was sure it would make a full recovery.. But I came to my spot yesterday and it was wilted over dead...

    I have some new plants ready to go outside and now im ready to focus on these ones.
  12. Set up two plants outside in a new location, looks very promising.
  13. Great fellow O.H.I.Oian, also went with the bagseed :p as of now, I started some indoors but was forced to move out, if you have any advice for me, please look at my blog/thread. I would appreciate it greatly, thanks.
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  15. how are things going in your neck of the woods stonecold?
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    The new spot looks excellent and the old ones are gonna make it I hope.
  17. Is this your first year growing outdoors StoneColdChilla?
  18. I'd definitely like to see them when they're in full bloom outside . You might end up with some monster buds ! :D Keep up the good work .
  19. I have another plant in a new spot (which I intend to make my permanent spot next season) I kept this one in a pot instead of putting it in the ground and it looks A-fucking-mazing.

    Right now they have just started flowering and when I see some buddage going on ill take some new pics and put up a pic of the new girl.

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