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  1. Not sure how they found it, but somehow they did and cut all the nicest top branches off my girls. They were at least 3-4 weeks away from harvest....

    There's still a little bit left on them, but anyway i am pissed off..

    Too bad i locked my dogs inside the kennel that morning...

  2. Thats terrible man, I know the feelings and have felt the pain. Better luck next time and be safe. at least you are not locked up and fines you know?

    Best of luck and sorrow


  3. Yeah, thanks.

    Just curious... since someone knows, they are likely to visit and trespass again. Any suggestions on how to catch the fucking asshole ?
  4. Deer camera's man, also they gotta park or walk from somewhere, sting those motha fuckers. But a deer camera would be useful
  5. Terrible news. Scares me. I got a baby room monitor -- keep it next to bed. My grow is in back, deer fenced area. The first couple of nights was awake all night because I couldn't differentiate betwwen all the animal sounds. There's even a bird in the treetops that snores all night. You can even hear the difference in wind levels. Am sorting out sounds better now. Got the Graco monitor on Ebay for $10. Gives you some peace of mind, if not much sleep! Don't know if anyone has done this before, but is better than nothing.
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    deer cameras rock... the baby monitor would stress me out too much, so many sounds to ignore that i'd probably sleep through the vital snipping sounds... rather a motion activated camera ;)

    also if the plants are on your property, the property is fenced, and you have outdoor dogs... why not let them roam around at night, at least till harvest time?
    i bet when they catch whiff of someone entering they're gonna give alarm...
    btw... what kinda dogs u got? :D
  7. lol baby monitor thats awesome :hello:
  8. Oh my too friendly black lab would invite the rippers in! She gave up outdoor sleeping in favor of an indoor bed long ago. Too late to get a new dog and train as harvest is only a few days off. A deer camera? What is that?
  9. a deer camera... is a motion sensitive camera... that turns on when it senses movement....then shuts off when there is no more motion.....

    i see a "stolen" thread everyday.... suck man.... best of luck+rep cuz i feel bad
  10. it's a small camera with an integrated motion sensor... snaps pics/vids of anything that walks by, but with anything motion-detector based it's that it needs to be fixated well (i.e. a big tree etc) to work properly... this way you'd know who took it...

    there's also small battery-operated, tripwire or motion activated sirens (up to 150db!), although those could draw a bit too much unwanted attention from outside ;)

    also lol @ too friendly dog... know that problem :D
    but rather too friendly than too vicious...:ey:

    peace, and good luck on the hunt

  11. me and my buddy have one for his ranch... we got the video one for deer.... the video one is AMAZING... definitely worth the extra cash + amazing nightvision...
  12. I have some bad news, My biggest area was all ripped!

    What a fucked year =[

  13. well thats another i heard of... sorry man... +rep... get em next year.... :smoking:... there is always indoor
  14. <--And my dad says I don't need pits lolll(avatar).
  15. you need bear traps. rattle snakes. ten foot holes covered with a moss net.

    and a rifle with a scope
  16. Grab a lawn chair, your pups, a bb gun (don't kill them lol you can still get your crop back), and a couple joints to pass the time :D
  17. bucket-o-bleach-hanging-from-a-tree my friend, a good 20 feet away from your plant though. then set up a fishing line so when they walk through it...BAM! bucket-o-bleach on their faces :D
  18. i would use the bear trap as that will snap ankles and then you get beat the shit out of them but make sure u hide your grow somewhere else as they will snitch to bad bear traps ae illegal where i live

  19. I got 3 working dogs, very rare breed called "Caucasian Mountain Dog", 170 lbs beasts. (pic below). Building the fence right now so they can roam around. I wish i had done it a year ago...


  20. Omfg, that hasnt happened to me but i sympathize for you. Hopefully next time you won't have this problem again.

    Btw, those dogs are gorgeous

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