STOLEN!!! What to do next year!!

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  1. get small spikes for the fence on the top i have them here in london and barbed wire aswell + a husky helps alot but all the wants strangers to do is stroke her good thing about it is shes loud when shes running after them to play.And greenhouse with a padlock and baby monitor inside.
  2. I suggest hire Georges St Pierre to guard your plants. No one would mess with them, and if they do then you get to watch someone get their ass beat.
  3. last night my cousin broke into my grow room at my dads, and took my plant that had 2 weeks until harvest...don't be so confident in indoor grows. still take precautions on being robbed by those closest to you....
  4. Dude buy a cheap trail camera for deer or whatever it will take a pics of the dude.Big ass dog too man.

  5. That's fuckin brutal...your cousins a slime ball...fuckin rippers.
  6. [quote name='"Numbnutts"']

    That's fuckin brutal...your cousins a slime ball...fuckin rippers.[/quote]

    You can fucking say that again! He tried to say it was my best friend, who also lives there at my dads! My dad went off on him! There were clear shoe tracks in the snow straight to the window from his moms....and the shoe prints were way too big to be my buddy' dad works with him almost had to go home because he was going to kill him with his hammer...
  7. Sry bro grow indoors i guess.I got 9 plants stole from me it sucks.
  8. Quit being nice, get a weapon. anyone ever crosses in the property or attempts to steal anything of mine will have to 'say hello to my little friend'. He only speaks one word very very fast.

    I won't tolerate thieves, trespassers or those who make it point to pry into other peoples lives.
  9. I have fishing line ran all thought were my pots are with bells on them. 2 pit bulls an my NRA sticker that u can miss. Still find it hard to sleep that last
    Month even thought I a am out there with them
  10. Motion detectors with an alarm system, lights and a camera to record it.

  11. So you will keep an animal as a pet to bring you pleasure and you feed it love it and take care of it yet you won't use it to do a simple thing like guard your home? Dogs are not human and no matter how much you love them in your mind the response you are getting back from them is not human love. It is hard not to humanize animals I know, we so want to love them just like a human child but the fact is they are not human. I am not saying abuse them or anything to that effect. I have had to stop people personally in public from harming their pet and it always made me sick. However leaving a dog outside in the open air is not abuse. My guess is you only see animals as pets and never as tools. We cut down trees and live inside of them technically. We grow and eat food that was once living because even plants have life. In many countries around the world they eat many animals we do not in the US, yet you would never think of eating your pretty German Shepard would you? I would say that compared to how I have seen a lot of animals treated in cities a person using a dog for protection of their property is not mistreatment. Hell we allow cops to take dogs into the field and get shot at and killed along side of them and no one bitches do they... they are just doing their job... Do they get paid anymore than the guard dog protecting the home?

  12. Shooting unarmed theives in most states in the US will get you put in jail next to them. Equal force is the rule in the state I am from. You can find a lot of cases online of people ending up in jail for shooting an unarmed trespasser. Not every place is Georgia or Kentucky.
  13. [quote name='"jbrother"']

    Shooting unarmed theives in most states in the US will get you put in jail next to them. Equal force is the rule in the state I am from. You can find a lot of cases online of people ending up in jail for shooting an unarmed trespasser. Not every place is Georgia or Kentucky.[/quote]

    An in most places some one going to rip your plants will be armed.
    Check this out this lady is a beast.

  14. As much as I agree with you on the moral issue of purely using dogs for services. Most dogs were bred to work, not to be companions. Dogs strive on having a job or a task to do. The reason why dogs act out and are neurotic is bc their owners baby them and treat them like humans. The best behaved dogs are always the ones that have "jobs". Whether they guard, herd, pull, or do whatever. A dog is happiest when it has something to do.

    Also noticed youre from CT, me too, repping the 203 though.
  15. isnt any outdoor grow in colorado illegal? mmj card holder or not
  16. Crazy stupid people like you are why weed as a drug has a violent name to the morons in the world.

    Shit happens with it. Deal with it. Being smart is better than being violent because you could fuck someone up for their entire life if you really want to if your smart, but if you kill a fucker being violent, YOUR GOING TO JAIL MOFO.

    And beating the fuck out of someone and saying LMFAO it was so fun make you sound like a crazy lunatic. Smarten up

    To the OP, that does suck really bad! Be smart, and out think them. I personally don't know anything else to add.
  17. If you live in any populated suburbia neighborhood with alleys n' all, NEVER, EVER, EVER grow in your back yard. A dog will help, but the overall risks are too great and young punks have a nose for it and are plenty weasely at ripping off even seemingly well concealed plants. Have had too many friends over the years who have had this sort of thing happen. One had a basement grow along with a few novelty plants in his backyard. The rips who got to those also broke in his house when he was away for the weekend, killed his AKC German Shepherd and cut a hole thru his floor to get at the basement grow b'cuz he had a reinforced and locked basement door that was a dead giveaway for the punks looking for another grow in his house.
  18. I would suggest barbed wire / broken glass along the top of any potential entry point to your property
  19. do what i do.. camp near your grow all summer with the dog and your favorite caliber rifle or hand gun.... it works.... ppl dont like to be surprised by someone wit a firearm and a dog that sounds like they are gunna rip you to shreds.... or you could set booby traps and get arrested for setting a trap to harm humans... any way just my .02

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