STOLEN!!! What to do next year!!

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  1. This year I grew my allowable 6 plants outdoors and had 6 beautiful, High Times worthy plants with huge kolas. I planted late April and in late summer I had my first theft of 2 plants. The plants just started budding and I started adding security to my garden. I live in a major city with an alley behind my house and that's where the thieves struck. I was so upset. I installed a baby monitor and placed bells on the plants so I could hear at night if anyone was disturbing them. Even thought booby traps are illegal, I added planks of wood with 6 inch sharpened nails around my plants as well as a makeshift fence. I also had spotlights which I could turn on if I heard any suspicious sounds.
    The month before harvest, a friend and I took turns staying up all night watching the plants from my porch. The night before harvest I heard some noise on my monitor and drove around to the back of my fence where I caught 2 youths, about 20 years old, about to climb my fence. I gave them a stern get the "f*@" out of here speech. I couldn't do anything legally since they were not in my yard.
    The morning of harvest, I had four friends help me trim my plants. We brought one plant in and started working on it. When it was time for a second plant. We went out and to our surprise, the remaining three plants were gone. Even though we only had one plant, it was my best and I got a pound and a half of awesome pot. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions how we could go about planting next year. We already started a crop indoors but I really want to plant outside because everything seems perfect for pot where we live. I don't want to shoot or seriously injure anyone but could use some ideas for next year. I thought of poisoning half of the plants and putting up a sign that says they are poisoned and only I know which ones aren't but I thought that the jerks who stole my plants probably would steal them anyway and sell the poisoned pot to unsuspecting buyers... ANy suggestions would be welcomed!!

    Frustrated in Colorado
  2. Giant dog. You need one.
  3. Like this one? [​IMG]
  4. That will work. I have a Great Pyrenees for security and I'm thinking about having a greenhouse built next year, so I'm not too worried about getting jacked.
  5. Barb wire fence. + dog just in case ;)
  6. So you literally just have a dog to watch your plants 24/7...? Outside..?
  7. yeah get a mastiff amrecian mastiffs are pretty good they dont get as big mabey 180 200 mines a pup only a year shes already id say mabey 130 they are good watch dogs she wont even let anybody in my driveway get out of thir car.
  8. There's no reason to leave the dog outside overnight, they will hear an intruder from inside and bark. But she would be outside during the work day, just like now.
  9. Punji Stick pits all around the perimeter and smear some sh*t on the points for infection.
    Also well placed straight razors blades hot glued to the fence in numerous places,
    Oh course you can not do this and not be Arrested so Dont do it...... if you cant do the time....... we all know the rest.
    Imagine if we only could Karma... Karma......... Oh the Horror!
  10. Great Pyrenees are the Best
  11. btw the breed dosent attack more like holds really so they wont really huty anyone unless they have to but the will bite down on them and hold untill you arrive they get big fast to just make sure you feed them good no cheap dogfood they need good nute just like monster plants.
  12. That's kinda fucked. I mean, I know the dog can handle it, but how would you feel being left outside all day? Idk, I'm really against using dogs/animals in general for services. I hope you treat him/her more than just a guard dog.

  13. Yes they are! Except they're so gentle with kids and any animal smaller than them, she let's the bunnies eat my veggies and cooking herbs. That's why I'm thinking about a greenhouse. I've never grown weed before, but medically it gets expensive, so I'm thinking about giving it a shot. And with a greenhouse I can grow all year without smelling up my house.
  14. oh my dogs my baby but shes got a big enough dog door the door to out side is right outside my bedroom door so shes out there pretty quick she sleeps on my bed she spoiled lol

  15. You're joking right? I'm not asking her to do anything more than she already does, which is not let anyone in our yard. She generally sleeps in my room, except in the winter it gets a bit too warm for her so she goes down to the basement. When it gets way too cold, below 20 or so she inside during the day and I come home on my lunch hour to let her out to pee.
  16. Build a greenhouse and hire some Pygmies to defend your plants with poison tip darts.
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    Hire a thug to walk your alley, build a moat, Post a sign out back stating " I do NOT grow marijuana", build a sniper tower; take some classes, buy some monkies; train them monkies!


    1: A dog (maybe two). 2: Greenhouse. 3: Maybe an electric fence, or strips of the wire on top of the fence; where one would grab ahold of. 4: Motion sensor spotlights 5: Camera (or a fake camera, if funds are low). . . Simple, I think, just think of how you could physically keep someone away. . . Think like a theif.
  18. Dont show all your friends your grow
  19. My friend had a pit bull and 21 plants outside. The thieves got by him no problem. Probably used a steak or something. I think dogs are over rated.
  20. I hope theres a special rape room in hell reserved for people who do that...sorry to hear seems ypu took every step and precaution and the cockbags still got you.time to put a square chain link kennel out there..i had a dog for sixteen yrs and now that hes gone I have two fifteen by fifteen chain link fence kennels and they have a roof of fence too dog could climb a ten foot fence like it was a jjoke...thats why the roof but now im thi.king summertime I can padlock my girls in there..time for another dog anywaY too

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