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  1. hey ppl, got a story for ya..had a buddy from out of state swing thru my area while he was visiting the whole west coast..and im 215 scripted and grow, well after two days of being bed and breakfasted at my house he dipped out at 4am with two pounds and some other misc. edibles and what not..ok, well..found out he got busted in Nevada with it all in his trunk...and wondering now if I can get my stuff back of would it be a waste of time..??? cause Im pretty pissed off and stressed about it being pretty much the only medical i grew...
  2. I don't know the rules over in America but that's fucked, good luck getting it back.
  3. All that weed and you can't afford something better then a vtec?

    comeee on dawggggggggggg

    Jk there alright depending on what you swap
  4. damnnnn dude that's fucked, sounds like Karma bit that dude in the ass though. I'd doubt there is anything you can really do about it, your shit probably got destroyed or confiscated as evidence. Take it as a lesson I suppose, be careful who you trust and let into your home. Hope everything works out for you man.
  5. yea..thats what im thinkin, learn from mistakes i guess, dont trust no one, not even friends, specially old ones...hahaha for sure the k20s are sicc, I like the gsr's the gears are so low and gnarly my rpms at 4k at 75mph

  6. true, im just stressed out from it all and wondering if they can come at me for his mistakes and take my script or worse.
  7. They stole your meds, thats illegal!

    I can't provide a link but I've seen a video of a collective (I think) recovering two pounds of buds from the cops because the cops took it unjustly.

    I'm not sure what its like with bud, but if you jacked someones vicodin, you'd be screwed
  8. Thats fuck up man but 2 POUNDS? Thats a felony even if you have a california MED CARD. prop 215 doesnt allow you to carry 2 pounds lol. You go and try to get that back and your screwed unless you have multiple recs proving your growing fro each person with medicinal needs. Your friend is fucked
  9. Yeah your old buddy who snagged that shit is a straight dbag.. seriously after you fed his ass and housed him? Damn what a scroungy motha fucka

    Glad karma got his ass back lol he'll be regretting that shit when hes gettin a big dong up his ass in the cells. :smoking:
  10. damn op. i've had that much weed before, and it was fluffy and light and dank. weighed 3 pounds. filled an entire pool table up a few feet high. i cant imagine having it all stolen. but thats really fucked bro.

    you shouldve had that shit locked up. but at least you grew it man

    i dont know your laws to well and if you're a care giver but if everything was legal dude report that. its a stolen prescribed narcotic. federal i think?
  11. 3lbs^?An ENTIRE pool table a few FEET high?
    cmon dude how gullible do you think we are?
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    Wow when me and my two best friends from high school lived together we always left one another, (just us two) around our weed(several pounds at a time) along with pills and whatever we were selling or tripping on at the time.

    I guess the difference here and between mine and your situation is we were all collectively splitting the price of the product and it all belonged to us so if one stole the others shit we were all fucked. And that person knew he'd get his ass kicked by me and my other friend lol.

    I'm pretty sure if your 215'd and you live in a med state, it's the same as someone stealing your prescription oxycodone, hydrocodone, fentanyl etc. Now the big IF is IF the state he is being held in is a MM state and even if they are IF they will let you have it back. Don't know if NV is or not, but chances are if they aren't you won't get it back as it's most likely going to be destroyed. They take forever to destroy the shit it goes to several different locations before the DEA finally receives it and it goes to their designated place of marijuana destruction.
  13. The cops are smoking it now as I type.

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