still no signs of sex

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  1. I have a plant almost three months old and still
    No sign of sex is this normal for almost mid august?
  2. i read the title thinking this thread would be about something else.
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    Cosign. But fuck your name.
  4. how tall? girth etc? what type of plant? or did u just find a seed and put it in the ground?

    btw this isn't the right area to ask :) other forums aka the growing ones
  5. It is purely down to genetics man. There are other causes to slow it down like pruning or any sort of stress prior to flowering but be patient they will start.
    Try giving them one day of extra darkness to really get the flowerin' hormones going, but be careful to not over do it as it can cause hermies.
    Just be patient and keep your current light schedule accurate.
    PS- When I read the title of the thread I thought you meant you weren't getting any pussy. Hahaha :D

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