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Still get extremely paranoid and self conscious after toking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by assymcgee420, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Sup guys, ive been blazing for a year and a half and i still get super self conscious about myself while high. I cant even go in public while high because i think people are staring at me and judging the way i walk, talk, do anything. Ive tried to not give a fuck but that only works while sober. Any ideas?
  2. you have to not give a fuck. for now just dont smoke when you have to go somewhere if its that bad.
    This is the exact oppisite of me when im sober and walking down the street it seems like every car is looking at me and when i walk by someone i think they are judging me but when im baked i dont even care if they are
  3. You have to be one step ahead of them. Be confident!! If you think you're acting high/look high, you probably are. Think if you were in their shoes. Not many people just judge the hell out of anyone walking down the street unless it's obvious they are on something, most of us have better things to do. They will probably never see you again. Nobody expects a stoner to be in public either.

    Even if someone DID suspect you're high..what are they gonna do? As long as you're not carrying anything on you, be high as a kite. That's being yourself right? Put some headphones in, that's enough excuse to be in your own world. Don't act a fool and put those eyedrops in if you need them. You can't really tell otherwise.
  4. Wear sunglasses maybe? I just don't care if somebody notices my eyes are red..Nobody's going to do anything if they know your high man.
  5. Thats just how yourmind works. If yourealize you judge other people alot then your minds open to thoughts that you get judged by everyone else.

    It's all state of mind, I hav a fuck the system attitude so whe im fuked up it just all funny to me, eery single paranoid or deep thought is mostly my comedy when high.:smoke::smoke:

  6. Don't flatter yourself, nobody is looking at you, cause lets face it, you are'nt that pretty, and nobody cares what you are doing holmes...

    lol, j/k man...
  7. why do you care about what others may think? fuck them and besides i bet nobody really cares you are just paranoid

    good luck:wave:
  8. Just remember the reason you got high, and the fact that you are high.
  9. Yeah ever time my friend and I go to walmart it feels like all the workers stop what there doing and give us the stink eye. Well its probably cause we always go there when were stone and steal cough syrup but who knows we just star at the ground. They else even put one those camera montiers where the cough syrup is cause of us, but eh fuck em.
  10. try geting more high . i normaly only get a bit paranoid when im not high enough. 2 or 3 bowls and i am in no fit state to be paranoid lol .peace :smoke:
  11. Words of advice...

    Just smoke the herb and chill out man...nobody really cares if ur blowed out or look like fucking shit. So chill out, enjoy herb! RELAX
  12. A mentality everyone should have. +rep
  13. Not me man I feel not to care about anything
  14. dude wen im high i can actually chill, gain self confidence, actually feel good about myself, and go hit on some ladys ;)
  15. thats what blazing can do to you man. you just gotta remember no one can suspect you unless you give them a reason to. i sometimes sketch hella in school but in the public no one can even tell. if they can, what are they gonna do? call the fucking cops?
  16. I think that weed is just making you more aware of the feelings that you're already having unconsciously. Weed can make you very introspective. I'd say ask yourself why you're so self-conscious. Have you thought about the possibility that you have a social phobia of some kind?

    Either way, I'd advise dealing with it sober, then maybe trying pot with a friend or two you know well. Good luck! :wave:

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